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3 day TT Lock Rss

Started TT ds 1 month ago and i used the 3 day potty training method. I just wanted to give it a huge wrap grin My ds is now fully TT night and day it was a hard 3 days but he finally got it and no accidents after a week.
If anyone wants me to email the method to them id be more then happy to just leave your email and ill send it as soon as i can smile

me too please! I have twins, so it would be great.... [email protected]
me too please

am not getting anywhere with DS2!
Please can you send it to me. My 2 and a half your old son seems ready but I could do with some help. [email protected]

Hi There, would love a copy............just decided to start now. [email protected]
Thanks for sharing
We started 3 day TT this morning, so far have wet 3 pairs of jocks! Getting there, gonna be a long 3 days I think. At least DS hasn't asked for nappies so far and is happy to wear jocks. Wish me luck smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

CAN U PLEASE EMAIL ME ASWELL , [email protected] wink

CAN U PLEASE EMAIL ME ASWELL , [email protected] wink


I would LOVE for you to send me this as well smile


Neet x

Awww hun it gets easier, I was going to give up after the first day lol but im so glad i waited it out. My ds had a million accidents on the first and second day and only a few on the third and he did have an accident here and there for a week after i started training. Thats awesome he hasn't asked for a nappy smile You will get there dont give up just yet, i hope he gets it soon smile All the best and yes it is a long 3 days lol grin I hope today is a better day for you both.

Well after he wet his 4th pair it was all dry jocks from there. He asks to go potty now and everything. I put him to bed with jocks but decided to put a pull up on him when he was asleep, I am not convinced on night time TT working yet for him. He hasn't done a poo yet but keeps asking to go to potty (and does nothing) I think he is a bit scared to. However i'm pretty sure he doesn't want to dirty his jocks as he keeps asking to go and clutching his bottom alot so hopefully something will come out lol. So far i'm extremely pleased with his progress, it did look a bit dire yesterday morning when I posted though. Thanks again for the info smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Hi and well done on TT ur DS smile

If I could also pls have the method emailed that would be great. My DS is currently 20mths and uses te potty just before the bath of a evening but I'm interested in this method as I have a 11wk old DD.
Email: [email protected]

Many thanks

Yeeee! Thats great! What a fast learner smile
I know what you mean about not trusting them at night lol its a big step not to have any nappies.
Ds was the same with the poo side of it haha but when he did go and i jumped up and down clapped my hands and praised him big time for doing a poo.
He was sooo proud he even had to carry his tray thing out of his potty to the toilet and said bye bye poo poo laugh
I hope things only get easier from here on for you smile Well done to your ds grin

He done a poo in the toilet, yay! I can't believe how excited I am over a poo hahaha. I'm so proud of my boy grin

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

I have done the three day toilet training to with DD. She was 2 yrs 3 months when I started and it worked. She is fully day and night time trained and although she does have the occasional accident they are very rare. Highly recommend it. Just make sure you give lots of praise and spend the three days at home. Good luck to all those giving it a try.

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