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3 day TT Lock Rss

Hi there

Congrats, 3 days sounds really great, i'd like some infor as well please

[email protected]

Hi,this sounds really great. Could you please email a copy through to me, my email is [email protected]
Thanks smile
I have just read this and it sounds brilliant. Can someone help me with a few concerns I have? [list] [item]I am wondering if I should start now or wait until after Bub is born (due 3-4 weeks) so he doesn't regress? [/item][item]I think it best for both DH and I to do this together, what have others done? [/item][item] DS turns 2 on 21/1 and is still in a cot, does this hinder the night training? [/item][/list] Thanks in advance smile

Started TT ds 1 month ago and i used the 3 day potty training method. I just wanted to give it a huge wrap grin My ds is now fully TT night and day it was a hard 3 days but he finally got it and no accidents after a week.
If anyone wants me to email the method to them id be more then happy to just leave your email and ill send it as soon as i can smile

hi, would really like a copy of the TT in 3 days. my email is [email protected]

Yes please!
[email protected]

Having major issues TT DD, 4 hours today with knickers on, she kept sitting on the potty, all excited. Gets off the potty, pulls her pants up and wees!

Its driving me nuts!
i would really love a copy please , thanks
[email protected]
Hi Keeki,

Could you please send me a copy of the 3 day TT as DD will be starting soon and i have a feeling i'm going to need as much help as possible. smile

[email protected]


i have been tt my little miss 4 bout 2 weeks with good and bad results so if you wouln't mind emailing me a copy of 3day tt when u get a chance I would really appreciate it
[email protected]

Hi! This sounds fantastic. We have just started TT with our DS, he's going so well but would love other options.

[email protected]

THank you so much for sharing smile
Sorry but I'm gonna ask for it now too!! [email protected] smilesmile

This sounds great. could someone please email it to me?

[email protected]

Thanks smile

Could you please send me a copy of the 3 day TT.

Much appreciated.

[email protected]

Thank You
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