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3 day TT Lock Rss

May I also have a copy of the program?
I'd really appreciate it smile

[email protected]
Hi Keeki

May I please have this information? I'm keen to start my daughter, but I need some help.

[email protected]

Hi Keeki, I know you've got loads of requests now lol but if could get a copy too that would be awesome grin [email protected] thanks!!!
Can I also please have this toilet training method?
Thanks, [email protected]
Hi keeki,

Could you please email me a copy of this. I have a newborn now as well and have been trying to tt my 2 year old with mixed results. I really would love this to work!

[email protected]

Hi, I just have a few questions for you keeki.
My son is 2.5yrs old and we started this method loosely on xmas eve. I didn't want to go head first into it as it was around xmas and and he was going on holidays with my parnets on the 27th.

Anyway the problem that I am now finding is that my son is relying on me to take him to the toilet. As instead of pretty much letting him wee himself all the time, I would say 'make sure you let mummy know when you need to go to the toilet' then after a while I would say 'come on toilet time' and majority of the time he would go.

I am now having massive troubles with him at daycare, being he doesn't want to wee on the toilet there so is having accident after accident.

Did you take your son to the loo or wait until he started in his pants then rush him to the toilet?
I have been putting a pull up on him of a night time to much of my sons dislike, as I know he will wet through. He doesn't wake when he does so either.
I'm finding he is waking early morning (not making a sound) and weeing then going back to sleep. I tried getting him up during the night to pee and he goes off his nut.

I work full time, so concentrate very hard on the weekends with toilet training. He did 5 wees on the toilet on Sunday, but also 3 accidents - 2 wees, 1 poo. Then today at daycare he had two accidents - One being on a teacher while getting cuddles after being upset from having to sit on the toilet to do a wee!!

I think it would be worthwhile me trying to take an extra day off and trying the 3 days training again.

If you could let me now if you took your son to the toilet or waited for him to wet his pants that would be great.


Hi Mel
Trying to send you a PM but having trouble because of the captcha codes - it's not resetting so the message won't send. Email me [email protected] I think I can help
Hi all

Can i also request for the 3 days TT programme pls.

my email: [email protected]

Could you email to me too please?

[email protected]

Hi there
I have just read that you know of a three day tt program? Please Please can you email it to me? I have a nearly 3yr old who insists on taking his nappy off but we have troubly from there on in!
my email is
[email protected]

Thanks in advance
Hi Keeki, I would love to have a copy of the 3 day toilet training program.I haven't heard any bad reports about this, would love to give it a go if you could send it to me. thanks.
[email protected]
Could u please email it to me too.
I am very interested in this method.
[email protected]
Hey can I please have a copy? [email protected]
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