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tt fail Lock Rss

Little master who we tried to tt towards the end of last year, we stop because we thought he wasn't ready.

So we decided that he was showing more signs of being ready like he pull up was dry for more than 3 hours and when he wanted to pee he would hold his private part.

So on the weekend we put him in undies told him he was like daddy and we kept asking him when he wanted to go to the toilet and he was dry right up to 2 p.m and hubby stuck him on the toilet, he got off and said no and within 2 minutes he pee in his brother room. Hubby just cleaned up and put him fresh short and a pull up has we were going out.

Now this morning i ask him every 20 minutes and i went to the toilet and said do you need to go and he said no and i ask are you sure and he walk off. I thought he wanted to go downstairs to get his kitten to bring upstairs and when i ask him what was wrong he had another accident. I just cleaned up and put him in dry pants again.

I feel like i'm failing him, he starts kindy next year and we being told he has to be fully tt by then or they will not take him.

He knows how to hold it cause he aims and pee in the shower and hubby shows him how he goes to the toliet.

Should i keep putting him in undies and he slowly learn that he needs to use the toilet,. he got a potty but he doesn't want to use it and goes to the toilet door and will sit on the toilet but then gets off and has accidents. I even put the potty in front of the tv and let him sit there.

He loves his undies but he still thinks they pull ups.

Sorry for wrong section but i want my little boy to be proud of himself that he tt and wears undies like daddy. Daddy he favourite at the moment.

My DS was slower to TT than my girls, the week he turned 3 I told him we had no more nappies and put him in jocks, he got the idea pretty quick, the first few days we had a few accidents but I just changed him into dry jocks and off he went. Have you tried a reward for your son if he goes to the toilet, a stamp or a small sticker etc? Something that might encourage him a bit? I wouldn't put him back in pull ups when he has an accident though, just keep taking him to the toilet. Once we started TT all of our kids we didn't even put them in a nappy when we went out we just took them to the toilet while we were out and took a lot of changes of clothes with us. He will get the hang of it pretty quick if you persevere with him, my DS went from being in nappies full time to fully day and night trained within two weeks. But they all do it at different times, DD2 just turned 3 in December and is fully day and night trained. He will get there!
I know what you mean about the frustration of taking them to the toilet, being told "I don't need to go" and then they have an accident 2 min later. I found, with my DD, it was a case of getting her to give it time to happen at the toilet. We introduced the "piddle count" where she'd sit on the toilet and then we'd count to 10 or say the alphabet together etc to actually give her time to go when at the toilet. Normally part way through she'd go on the toilet and if she didn't go in that time she normally didn't need to go (no accidents straight after getting down).

Also remember that you've got a year yet before kindy. If it really seems like he's just not ready, taking another month or two before trying again won't hurt you've still got plenty of time for him to really understand, and be successful at, tt.

Toilet training is tricky business! What I did was put mine in undies, even when we went out, and just put them on the toilet myself every 20-30 minutes. Yes, often I would take them off the toilet and they would go and wee on the floor, but when they do wee in the toilet and you get excited, etc, that tells them what you actually want them to do, and gives them the encouragement to keep doing it. Mine had heaps of accidents, it is not always an easy process and can be very time consuming. You have to persist and just ignore the accidents!

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Hey. how old is he? All my kids were fairly easy to tt. but i waited till they were really ready. the oldest would of been 3 i suppose. Are you consistant with him. do the same thing everyday all the time. if you change back and forth from pull ups to undies he is not going to get it.t
It's not a fail - just part of the process smile

Things that helped my DS:
- reward chart that we made together and he got to pick out the stickers
- DS picked out his underwear (they were car undies) and we told him that the cars didn't like being wet.
- we have a 'going to the toulet' book that we read (it has a flush button on it)
- we had his Elmo doll use the potty and Elmo got lots of praise for doing pees. I never constantly asked DS if he needed to go, more when he was grabbing himself I said 'come on let's go to the toilet' for me I found constantly asking made him anxious about it.
- the other thing is to pop him on it before bath (whilst the water is running) they usually will go.
- biggest thing is don't stress - it WILL happen smile

Its so hard to think of being at that stage again even though it was not that long ago for me.
I would say leave him in undies and expect him to have accidents, praise him when he gets it right and tell him gently what you expect when he gets it wrong.
I found that reminding my DS too much just made him nervous and less likely to perform. I would just prompt him in passing and leave him to it.... but that worked for him, it may not work for others.
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I got the rewards chart on the fridge and i showed him that when he goes to the toilet that he can put a sticker there. I tell him that i have a toy waiting for him for when he tt and i say to him all you have to do is tell me you have to go and we go and sit on the toilet. I sit down in front of him and teaching him to say his brother name or the days of the week. He thinks its fun on the toilet.

I get back into asking him and taking him every 20 minutes.

How do you do it when you bf the baby and getting him to go?

I am willing to try anything and everything because i know he can do this but i don't think he does yet.

Hi, I wouldn't be putting him back in nappies or pull ups. This is just the start and he will get the hang of it.
When I first started TT my DS he did really well with having no accidents BUT he would not let his wee out on the toilet. He was happy to hold all day if it meant he could do it in his nappy at night time. One day he told me he needed the toilet so I put him on and as usual he did nothing. I left him sitting on the toilet and walked out to get another roll of toilet paper. When I came back he had done his wees!!!! I was so happy, jumping up and down, praising him. I even gave him a couple of m&ms after.
I then realised he hated an audience in the toilet when he was trying to go wees. DD and I would always sit there and wait for him to go and he just didn't like that. So every time after that I Would put him on the toilet, walk out then come back and he had always done wees.
So maybe he's just shy when it's time to go wees and wants to do it on his own.
But I think bribery works a treat too lol. Give them a lolly or little chocolate after they have gone to the toilet and then they will want to do it again to get another lolly!
Good luck with it all smile
With my DS (2.5) we started with undies and puttin him on the toilet put he keep weeing after he got off the toilet so I did what a friend said and was put nothing on him it took acouple of weeks but once he seen himself peeing on the floor not in undies or pull ups he got that he had to go to the toilet. We also let him stand on a stool not sit cause that's what daddy does he did have his fair share of accidents but now a couple of months in he wears undies from when he wakes up til bed time even during day sleep, most days we have no accidents. I also take him places with just undies and shorts but if it's a big day of shopping I put pull ups on him but we have spent the last two weekends at pony club all wkend with only one accident but at PC he can just about wee anywhere! DS does not really like people going with him tells you to go away. He does sometimes poo his pants but he only poos every 3 days so on that day we ask him lots if he wants to do a poo and usually he realise what's happening tells us and finishes on the toilet he does get very upset if he wee or poos himself yet we have never got mad at him. Hang in there it just takes time. Every child is different and will learn in a different way!
I started DD1 training soon after she turned 3 and she took to it pretty quickly.
DS is a totally different developer and at 3 I knew he wasn't ready, so I didn't even bother trying.
Now that the time for him to go to Kindy is drawing closer, I knew that it was time to get serious, so once I was on holidays we got started.
He is quite good, but still has accidents quite often..
He knows that he needs to go, but he just gets distracted or whatever and then has an accident..
very frustrating, but all part of it.

He's now starting to do #2s on the toilet rahter than waiting for his night nappy, so that's a good sign.

He's good with it all most of the time, but it takes time and many accidents.

Either stop TT now and wait for a few more months or persist now and put up with the accidents..
Good luck!
It can be frustrating, but he'll get there in the end smile

He 3 and he amazing. Hubby wants us to keep going.

I told hubby all of your great ideas and tips and we going to try them all.

I thought for a reward i will give him 10 or 20 cents for number 1 and for number 2 20 or 30 cents and each time he uses the toilet i will get him to put the money in his money box then when we get a certain amount- he wants a leapfrog explorer that i will match what ever he already saved and the money he gets reward with and i get it for him.

Hubby said our youngest should be easier since he brother will be tt and we know what we are doing.

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