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How do you start TT? Lock Rss

we started about 2 and she just wouldnt have a bar of it but my mum keep saying she should be potty trained by now but what ever lol talked to a friend who told me give her the equiptment show her how its done and just let her decide so we did and just randomly one night she sat on her potty all by herself and went all by herself then we slowly taught her how to get on the toilet and she had it just like that all in her own time and was no hassel at all she thought she was awesome lol was fully trained day and night by her 3rd birthday.
I waited until a month or so after my DD turned 2, although she was showing signs for quite a while before that - I was the one who wasn't ready yet! haha

I just went and bought her a potty and knickers for when we did want to start. A few days later I showed her the potty and explained what it was for, and straight away she hopped on it and did a wee! And since then there was no getting her off it! I took the advice from others to let her run around bare-bummed, and from day one she would just take herself to the potty every time she needed to (I kept it in our ensuite for her to use) - so she did fantastic! She was wearing no pants for about 4-5 days, but then when I decided to try with pants on, was when the bare-bum method backfired! She was confused I guess and she would just take herself to the potty and wee through her pants. It took a while to get her to learn to pull her pants down first. Half the problem was she would run off to the potty on her own and not even tell me, so if I didn't see her going to the potty, I wasn't there to make sure she pulled her pants down. So I had to watch her like a hawk to make sure I didn't miss it. But we got there in the end! smile

It took 3 months from the start of TT to fully trained day and night!

We started our DD a little before she was two and she was going really well but suddenly one day decided she didn't want anything to do with the potty anymore! (I think hubby may have raised his voice at her for having an accident one day - grrr!)
Anyway, I backed off for a few months and then tried again a couple of months later (took her to choose a new potty as well) but with no pressure at all. Kept hubby out of the picture for TT as much as a could second time round and just let her go at her own pace, gave her lots of praise, stickers as incentives etc and it really worked!
I'd definitely recommend taking a similar low-key, slow approach, as she is now one of the best for her age at childcare! smile
We also did it when it was warmer. Our daughter was only about 19 months when we started and we would just play outside with her in undies and when she went we would take her inside to sit on the toilet and tell her that next time we will try to make it to the toilet. We would do it for about 1-2 hours a day. She then got the hang of what she needed to do and was fully TT during the day by the time she was 2. Night by the time she was 2 1/2 years old. We took the same approach with the twins and it worked well for us. They were day trained by the time they were 2 1/2 year old and night not long after that. I found it harder with the twins as they used to go to the bathroom together and have a party rather than do what they needed to do. We always did it in a very realxed way and never got angry in the early day with all the accidents. The twins were a little older as we waited for the armer weather to start.

Good luck. I think that TT is one of the hardest thing as a parent that you need to do. You need lots of patience.

Good luck.

Hi, sorry for a late reply to this. My 2 year old has started the same.realizing when she was doing wee and poo.she would even hide. I tried putting undies on her so she could get the feel of them other than a nappy.she loves it.she goes herself, as it is easier to take on and off the underwear. It is a bit of a novelty.beware of frequently changing undies and messy floors, but consistency is the key. it is quite easy if you stay at home a lot.they can just run around with just the underwear on, you keep an eye on them and frequently put them on the potty. Good luck!
We were told to start the summer after DS turned 2. He was born in May so we tried during our xmas hols in Dec. It was warm so we did it over a weekend, let him walk arond with his 'Big Boy' undies and singlet and put him on the toilet every 30 mins. He had several accidents on the 1st day, every time he would wet himself we would get him to touch it, tell him 'wee wee', make him feel it's wet then show him the toilet so he can associate the wetness feeling and the feeling of wee coming with the toilet. Somehow he has to be able to associate the feeling of wanting to wee with the toilet. We also used a stickers star chart that we stuck near the toilet so he got 1 sticker for sitting on the toilet (even if no wee, if you don't reward them for sitting only, after a while, they don't want to sit anymore...), 2 stickers for a wee and 3 stickers for a poo.
The second day he got the hang of it and didn't have any accidents by the afternoon of the 2nd day. Sticker chart worked like a charm too to sustain it. DS was in day care so we sent a sticker chart of day care as well so they could do the same as we were doing at home. Hope this helps.
i tried to start tt last yr with dd as she was showing all signs of being ready. it was a nightmare. she was weeing everywhere. we gave up after a few weeks. at the end of aug we got the undies back out & the potty & a sticker chart. we asked her what she'd like as a reward for using the toilet. we agreed & set the goal. we went through a sticker chart & started a new one. when she'd be doing really well at using the potty we encouraged the toilet. she threw away the "bubby seat" after a few days. we have rewarded her for doing wee's on the toilet & she even has a day sleep without a nappy. we are working on the poo reward, but she's doing great there too!! i guess she was just ready this time???
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