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28 month boy ready? Lock Rss

We have started to do a bit of potty training with our little man Connor. We take his nappy off for a while at home and most of the time he is happy to be nappy free. He is doing very well knowing when he needs to use his potty, we havn't had any accidents as he runs to his potty when he needs to use it.
He still naps and needs to have a nappy on for that. The problem we are having is that when he wakes up from his nap he often refuses to take his nappy off for 'nudie' time as we call it. We bribe with stickers, as that is his reward for using the potty, but it doesn't work, and we don't want to force him because he might regress.

I'm at a loss of what to do because when he has 'nudie' time he is doing really well with the potty, which is encouraging, but when he refuses to take his nappy off it makes me wonder if he is ready for this big step!

Has anyone been through a similar situation and do you think Connor is ready?
I'd be so grateful for any advice smile
My advice is not to stress about it. When he is ready he will go the whole hog. I was agonising for so long about my DS's toilet training and it seemed to be dragging on and on and on, but then just after his 3rd birthday it was like someone flicked a switch and he stopped wanting pull ups at all.

When he is happy to have 'nudie time' thats great but if he isn't up for it just let him be for a while. Eventually he will want to wear 'big boy undies' and not 'baby nappies' (this is what we called them smile)
Thanks Laura smile
No worries at all.

I was feeling so much pressure to get him toilet trained, but in the end they will do it when they are good and ready and not a moment before!

Good luck with it smile
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