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What Causes Little Boys to Poo in their pants or on the floor? Rss

My son is almost 3 and he has been doing really well with toilet training. tonight he proceeded to hide in his room and start to do a poo on the floor. Lately he has been hiding and pooing again. It does not matter if I discipline him when he does wrong or reward him when he does the right things he will still go and do a poo in his jocks or pull up or apparently on the floor now.

i have been struggling with poos for a while now and the worse part is once he is finished he comes up to me and say he is sorry.... He knows what he is doing is wrong and he still does it..

I am out of ideas what can I do?
Sorry I can't help I'm in the same boat my 7 yr old does it every now and then and says he was to busy playing sad but we ruled out any bowel problems from the dr. Have you spoken to the dr about it? I would love to know how others manage as well I've done everything and still can't seem to stop it
I haven't been and seen a doctor about it yet. I is just so strange, in the time it takes him to find somewhere to hide he could have just gone to the toilet and gone already.

we have tried to bribe him with he has to do poos on the toilet or Santa wont bring him presents, you can take his toys off him and he does not even care and it's not like I am going to have any more babies so that can't be his issue (which I have heard causes issues). I am at my wits end with this problem. I have even asked my parents as i know that my brother was a problem child growing up and they can't even shed any light on this situation.
I've just trained my DS and he won't have a bar of poos in the toilet. He hides away, which is a perfectly normal thing to do, and does them in his pants. He's fine with the wees.
I googled it and I read it's quite common for boys to take much longer to get control of their bowels and it's a control issue. They want to be in charge of when and where they poop.

I don't think there is much you can really do, except encourage him to use the toilet. I think it's better to wait til they come at it themselves. Forcing them just puts them back further. I don't think they do it to be naughty, they just aren't ready for the toilet for whatever reason. Sounds like he understands he's meant to do it in the toilet, just doesn't want to for whatever reason. He's still pretty young at not even 3.

You could try a potty where he is playing. I know people who have gotten their boys to tell them when there's a #2 coming, and ask for a nappy. At least the clean up is a bit more pleasant, but then you have the issue of getting them weaned from the nappy.
Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately I know he is doing it to get attention, but he knows when he need to do the poo and than makes an effort to find a hounding spot I can't get to and than does it. He has a potty, several of them all around the house he doesn't like them and he will refuse to go on them and will go on the toilet. I have tried positive reinforcement by making a big deal out of when he does go to the toilet and than the next time he does it in his pants. It just makes no senses.
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