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DD1 major TT regression : ( Lock Rss

DD1 3.5years has been toilet trained for almost a year, she went for a long time with very few accidents. However in the last few weeks she has taken to wetting her pants (not a trickle, a full wee)
I remind her and take her to the toilet at regular intervals, praise her when she tells me she needs to go, give her a lolly if she doesn't wet her pants - nothing is working, there has been no change in her routine so I don't know what is causing it.

I've even tried leaving her in her wet knickers, nothing seems to bother her
I'm at my wits end : (
No advice, but my 3.5 year old DS has been doing the same thing sad I'm hoping it's just a phase ...
Sorry, no advice either, my 3.5yo ds is doing the same thing. I think having a new bub has thrown him a bit, but maybe its just an age thing.
My DD1 went through the same thing, a couple of times. Once when she was around 3.5yo, then again this year at around 4.5yo.
I have no idea why, she just didn't seem to care if she wet her pants instead of going to the toilet. I can't remember how long each of these phases lasted, but she did stop eventually and started using the toilet again.
It is very frustrating, especially when you know that they know how to go to the toilet properly. Hopefully your girl will move on from this phase soon.

BTW - I haven't seen you around here for ages, I hope you're well (oh, I used to MT82). smile
Thanks for your input ladies : ) Glad to hear i'm not alone!

I'm great thanks Athaye, I decided to take a break from the forum for a while : ) Hope your well!
Welcome back smile I am doing well thanks.
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