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DS 2.5yr. Holding in poo. Lock Rss

I haven't posted on here in so long. I used to post regularly the first year of DS' life but I seem to be at a huge roadblock and although generally don't stress and just work through things by either reading on here or other parenting sites I am feeling very down and a bit emotionally shaken after a family member at Easter lunch yesterday ripped in to me....although not giving me any suggestions. :/

Ok. So DS (2.5yrs) has been no.1's trained since December. He was trained in 3 days. And tells me all the time and even has 5/7 dry nights a week now. Was trained with #2 by the 2 week mark.....then after a few weeks just stopped doing no.2 on the loo and would hold it in. He would deep breath and just hold it. I put him on the toilet when I see this but he gets cranky. And doesn't release. For about 5 weeks he would release on the loo every 2 days and not to be disgusting but the worlds most massive log. (which freaks him out at how large his turd is)
I get him kinesiology and have established that he thinks poos are 'disgusting' and take too long so he has decided he isn't doing them.
It's 8 weeks on and still is fantastic with #1. But still goes with deep breathing but let's out about a golf ball size amount in his pants 5-6 times a day and I'm keeping my cool but a little deflated.

I've tried:
1)Rewards chart.
2)Taking him to the loo when I see him breathing
3)still having kinesiology
4)for the 'time' factor I sit and read to him whilst he is on the toilet.
5)saw a GP he said "he will work it out soon enough"
6)goes without saying when he does release on the loo......I give him so much praise.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

Gosh I wish I had the answer for your situation. Would if be worth going to a gp & getting a referral to a paeditrition maybe. Or ringing up those help lines (I think is 13health) and speaking to a nurse about this problem. Or maybe even getting a referral to a child physcologist. Just a thought. My ds will do a poo but refuses to do it on the toilet. I thought cleaning up his 2 - 4 poo pants a day was bad.

You can only just keeping talking to the little guy. Just keep on trying to tell him in kiddie basic language that doing a poo is a normal thing & that all big boys & girls plus adults do this. If you dont it makes you feel sick. I wish you the best of luck.

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