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question regarding pull ups Lock Rss

i am tt my 25month old she has been wearing undies all this time. But once we start to go out i will put her on pull ups

My questions is how many accidents can a pull up hold or do i chuck it out after the first accident (wee)??

I'm not 100 % as im not anywhere near tt my son yet but im pretty sure there just like a normal nappy, you wouldnt re-use them, so i would throw it out after the first accident


Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Pullups can hold an amazing amount. Their thin appearance is deceiving they are very absorbant. We let our son have a play in his wading pool one day and were stunned at the water it absorbed, No kidding it swelled absolutely enormous. One pullup would be fine for a outing unless you are going for a whole day or something I have not found it necessary to change one.
Sparkle posted...
"My questions is how many accidents can a pull up hold or do i chuck it out after the first accident (wee)?? "

I don't understand why you wouldn't keep her in undies? If she is prone to an occassional accident I'd take a change of undies/clothes and also have a discussion about how important it is to use the toilet especially when out - point out the toilets at every place as a first priority too.

I also don't really understand why you would consider letting her sit in her own waste for a second longer than necessary? For the sake of your DD if you do use pull ups - yes chuck it out after the first accident! Doesn't matter how many it can hold! Pullups may be brilliant at holding large volumes of wee...but is that really the point? I can see that cost is sometimes though....all the more reason to go with undies I say.


Lou - mama to 2 gorgeous kiddos (5/99 and 6/03)

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