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4.5 year old toilet training issues Lock Rss

There must be someone out there that can help me! I now know for sure that this is an issue since under the Huggies forum I can only post this under toddler.
Our DS will go to the toilet for poos. He has never had an issue with poos but when it comes to peeing he will pee in his pants until we or a daycare teacher tells him to go to the toilet & get changed. He has never gone to the toilet by himself for a pee.
We have tried all sorts of rewards like reward charts, telling him he needs to look after his body etc. there must be another suggestion out there that will help.
The thing that we don't understand is that he is not bothered at all to hang around in pee pants. It's like he doesn't notice at all. Saying that, he is happy to go to the toilet when we tell him to go & he actually stays on the toilet for longer than necessary (last week we timed him & it was 25mins).
Any parents out there that have gone through the same thing & ideas that worked would be great.
Sorry no experience with this but I thought I would ask if you have considered taking your son to see a pediatrition just to make sure no health problems are causing this. My daughter is the same age as your son and from what you have said about your son if that was my daughter I would definitely be heading off to see the Dr just in case there is a problem. Good luck with your son. It sounds like a very stressful problem.

Thanks RKBE! I have already booked an appointment to rule anything else out.
Not perfectly matched to your question, but on our Drynites site we have some tips on Improving Your Child's Bladder Control, which you may like to read through.

All the best.
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