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So I've been slowly getting DD ready for toilet training, for the last few months she's been doing poo's on the toilet every now and then with no issue. I've recently enrolled her in Family daycare and seeing as it's very hot weather decided to fully get into toilet training.
So yesterday late afternoon we started and she went 2 hours without going to the loo to do wee's, and just as i was leaving for work she had a accident and did it on the floor. Afterwards she went into a nappy as it was bed time for her.
So today I've stuck to it again, but im getting worried as since 9.30 this morning she just refuses to do wee's it's been over 3 hours, she wants to go and runs to me saying "Mum toilet" so we run to the loo she gets on and that's it, get's straight back off again.
I don't want to put the nappy back on her as i feel like im just delaying the process, but im worried that she hasn't gone in 3 hours. Any advice ladies will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Raspberry Sundae. She's a little devil, to smart for her own good, i'm desperately trying to get her to drink but since we started it's as if she know's that if she drinks she'll need to go to the toilet.
I'll try giving her more icy poles as it's quite warm here.

I havn't been on here in about a year, it's very quite. Things are going really well thankyou, hope the same for you. grin
How old is she?
Maybe she just needs a few days to get into a routine. She's already doing poos there so she knows what to do but maybe it's a different sensation for her that she needs to get used to? I remember it took my DS about 3 days or so before he got it.
Another thing we found awesome is the Lupi Lu toilet seat. It's two toilet seats in one and particularly good for girls as the seat is smaller so they can't fall in. We got ours at Babies r us.
Have you also let her educator know that you are toilet training her? They will surely have some tips/advice and keep at it while she's in their care. My DS also goes to family day care and his educator was very helpful when I was toilet training him. Maybe if she sees the other kids using the toilet she will want to do the same?
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