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Doing poo's but not wee's Lock Rss

Not sure how to go about getting my daughter to do her wee's on the toilet. My daughter is almost 27 months old & I'm a first time Mum. She started doing probably 8 out of 10 #2's on the the toilet when she was 20 months, she'd say Mummy poo poo coming so we'd go & sit on the toilet. Then at 24 months it all went backwards & she was doing them in her nappy again & then telling me after. Two weeks ago we got back on track & are doing all #2's on the toilet now but I can't seem to get her to do her wee on the toilet. I'm not sure if she just doesn't have that sensation yet like she does with #2's or why but I'd love some advice on what I could be doing to encourage her. Everywhere I read about toilet training it says they start doing wee's first & poo's later but we're are the opposite way around.
Our little girl is slightly older (2yr 3 months) but we had the same issue. Started around 20 months doing only #2's until Nana didn't bother taking her when she asked to go, so that got pushed back to doing it in her nappy. Once we got #2s back on track we tried everything to get her to do wees but I just don't think she was ready. We waited a few more months until she was 2yr 1 months then I just spent our four days a week at home with her in undies. We had lots of accidents the first week and less each week after. Made a huge deal of it when she went on the toilet so she got excited and wanted to do it again. It took three weeks of this before I was confident to take her out and about and to day care in undies. She still has some accidents when she is tired or when she is to involved in playing but I try to take note of this and I take her to the toilet. I also sit her on the toilet before outside play and before going in the car. We take a potty with us outside and on car trips just in case we can't make it to a toilet. Because we live out of town, as soon as we get to the shops (or where ever we go) I will ask her if she needs to go toilet and if she says no I will take her about 30 minutes later.
When we are at home she gets a lolly for doing one or the other and two lollies for doing both in the one go. I just cut small pieces of snakes for her treat. If she does any in her pants she doesn't get anything and she has to have a time out (quietly watching the clean up, nothing major) then we have a talk about what happened while I am cleaning her up.
She is not night trained so just before bed we put a nappy on and as soon as she wakes up nappy comes off and she is sat on the toilet. If she doesn't go first time of the day we will give her a drink and breakfast and try again in 20 or so minutes.

From the time she was about 1 yr old I would take her to the toilet with me and tell her what I was doing so she could start understanding, I still do this. We avoid her going in with daddy cause she gets confused at why he is standing and why she can't.

I read every toilet training thing I could find and just put together what would work for us. If she doesn't get the hang of it after a week or so (if doing this 7 days) I would just give it a break and try again in a couple months. Everyone keeps telling me that girls are so much harder to train so it may take longer. Hope this gives you some ideas.

I didnt really try to toilet train my son. Rather I just sat a potty infront of the toilet and he would come sit on it when I went to the loo. I started taking his nappy off and he would do a wee and then one day when he was a bare bum he just took himself into the toilet to do a wee. I would go so far as to say that he's completely toilet trained- with no nappy on!!! Put a nappy or nickers and he doesnt give a hoot! Just watches the wee come out of his pants saying oh no. Hes not even 2 yet so I am enjoying the not needing to change nappies or anything by letting him run around with no pants on. I figure one day he will get the whole I need to pull pants off business. He is getting better.

Have u tried letting her be a bare bum? Ask her all the time if she needs to do wees. And take her to potty every so often. I found letting my son watch me do wees was a big help too. He went thru a stage where he would squat and open my knees to see the wee coming then sit down himself and do it.
Thank you ladies, yes she's been coming into the bathroom with me for quite a while & sits on her potty while I go to the toilet. I don't think we have a choice haha they demand to be in the bathroom when you are. I actually have to self catheter as I have a spinal cord injury so with monkey see monkey do, I don't want her thinking she has to stick a tube inside her urethra to be able to wee & that is a major concern so I've recently tried to avoid her watching me. I do let her get around in undies as our floors are tiled thank goodness, but she peed on the couch the other day & grandad was not happy about that sad Since I posted this the other day though we did have a breakthrough & she went to go all by herself while I was running her bath but peed on the step climbing up to the toilet so I told her I was very proud & praised her for trying to go by herself. I think that's the first time she's felt the need to go & actually try to go on the toilet so that was awesome. We'll just keep on trying smile Thanks again ladies
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