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help me please my 3 year old won't toilet train Lock Rss

My 3 year old daughter has no interest in toilet training. I have tried reward charts, special treats and even decorated her potty in barbie stickers. She doesnt like the potty or the one that goes over the "big" toilet with the steps. When she does go ( once in a blue moon) its a poo. Im scared she will be wearing nappies to school sad
Don't worry too much, she will do it when she's ready. Just be patient and definitely don't force her or use bribes. Some kids just take a little longer so just keep encouraging her and praise her when she does go.
From around the age of 2.5 my daughter liked a reward chart I made; I included other achievements I knew she could do like 'wear hat when outside', 'put shoes away' etc and she loved those, but not the toileting. I remember worrying if she'd be trained in time for kindy. I felt like a bit of a failure as I've toilet trained numerous toddlers as a child care worker before she was born. She was around 3 and 3/4 before she'd sit on toilet. I baught the 'big w - plastic lined towelling undies' and flushable wipes to make life easier. Even now she is 8.5 y.o. and only just stopped needing night time pull up.
Not saying this is what you're in for but try have patience and respect for your daughter's own timing. Also you can always have a chat with a child health nurse or your GP if you want to check on her overall development.
Thanks everyone you have put my mind at rest. This is the first time I have used the forum and from this experience it wont be the last. smile
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