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Almost 3 year old going backwards with toilet training? Lock Rss

Hi all!

We have a gorgeous almost 3 year old boy, who we began sitting on the potty just before his 2nd birthday. He was indicating that he knew when he was doing or had done a poo, by going and getting a nappy and wipes for us to change him. Up until a few months ago he had done nothing in the potty or on the big toilet with the training insert. In March we had success! He started doing wee wee's on the potty, I'd let him run around without a nappy on and he'd come back to the potty to do a wee with only a couple of accidents!
He then got very sick with a bad flu and vomiting and ended up with a bad case of hand foot and mouth (thank you daycare!) and was not interested in sitting on the potty or toilet. I didn't force him and just let him rest up, but this went on for about 2 weeks.
Now i'm back asking him to sit on the toilet and the potty for wee wee's and poo poo's cos when he does a poo in his nappy he comes and says 'mummy, daddy, poo poo!!' But now he wont even do a wee! For the last week i have sat him on the potty or the toilet for over an hour in the morning, and nothing! This is when he would usually do a poo, but hes not even doing a wee now sad
He's happy to sit there and watch a movie or play on my ipad (treat for only potty time) but then he gets up, runs around for a little bit and then gets me a nappy and tries to put it on himself if i say 'No, use the potty or the toilet for wee wee or poo poo'

Am i putting too much pressure on him? Should I just leave him be for a few more months and try again?
Daycare has also come on board and is getting him to sit on the potty willingly and he even says 'wee wee' when they bring it out but he does nothing there either!


It's up to you if you feel he's ready and want to keep trying.

A tip I got from another mum here on Huggies helped us a lot when we started toilet training. It sounds mental but it worked for my son. I'd sit him on the toilet and "call the wees out". So I'd say in a happy sing song voice "Wee wees where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are" etc. I know it sounds crazy! But it made it into a game and my son would laugh and do a pee and I'd act all excited "oh there you are!"

Desperate times call for desperate measures? Just make sure you're home alone when you first try it so you don't feel like too much of an idiot lol

The other thing I did was just to straight out ditch the nappies during the day. The only way he was going to 'get it' was if the nappies weren't available. Yup we had some accidents but that's the way they learn. They soon figure out that pee running down their legs is not pleasant and it's better to do it in the toilet. So we stayed home for 3 days straight and on the morning of the 4th day he 'got it' and started to use the toilet.

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