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need advice on Lock Rss

Hi. I have a 2 year old girl who knows the ins and outs.
Knows to pull pants down take off nappy.
Put her seat on, climb on, wipe then hop off take seat off.
Then flush and wash hands...
My question is.. How can I teach my little girl
To reconise she needs to go before it happens..
She knows she does it after.
She knows the difference between no.1&no.2s
Would be very helpful as she is well and truly ready,
Just need advice to help her along the way.
I've toilet trained before but it was a boy and 6years ago ha ha.
Thank you?
I would give her a try with out a nappy on knowing she will wet or soil it. The shock of how it feels may be enough to help her recognise the feeling she gets right before it happens. You may find she may then release a little bit of wee in her undies and then rush of to finish it in the toilet, but I would suspect she will very quickly learn when its time to go. My daughter was the same and I think she wet her pants twice it was potty from then on.
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