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What's the easiest way to toilet train my 2year pledge sits on her potty when I go to the toilet but she won't sit on there when u take her nappy off
For us we waited till we were pretty sure our son was ready - 2.5 years, and I knew his dad was going to be home with us for the week, and we prepped him that he was going to go into big boy undies, and so on the Monday that was it, he was in undies and we weren't going back.
It was amazingly painless, I had dreaded it for so long, as he is my eldest and have heard so many horror stories, but the first day we probably had half a dozen accidents and from then on he knew that he had to go to the loo as he has no nappy on.
We still use nappies at sleep times.
There are times now 3 months later where he gets a wet patch as he is too busy to get to the loo in time, but on the whole it has been great.
I would definitely recommend that when you are ready just go for it and no more nappies smile

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