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How to go about toilet training? Is it too early? Lock Rss

Sorry I know this has probably been asked over and over..

How old were your toddlers when you started toilet training them, how did you know, and how did you go about it?

Lately my 20 month old is showing some signs, for example she is having longer periods between wet nappies, and she's interested in watching us go..

Over the past couple of days as well I've noticed she will say "wees" out of nowhere, and point to the toilet if we are there, or lead us to it if we aren't. When we put her on it to give it a go, nothing happens.

I've heard that she is still quite young, but at the same time she is showing ready signs, so I'm just not sure how to go about it. We were going to wait until she was about 2 years old but at this rate I think it will be happening before then.

As you have said best to wait until ready and she is showing some signs. With out DD she was showing signs so I put her in undies for the day and had a day at home. She did a wee on potty but most were accidents. Tried again next day but same happened. Decided not ready. She was 25 months then. Reusable tried again a month later same thing. So left it again. Then tried a month later and she got it. I didn't push it and followed her lead. She is now using the toilet.
We've put together a great step-by-step guide to help you:

Good luck! smile
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