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Toilet training - starting and while working Lock Rss

Hi everyone

How did you go about toilet training, especially if it was in the cooler months and if your child was in care.

The plan was to put our 2 year old into undies over the summer holidays, so that she would somehow learn she needed to use the toilet. The weather ended up being not very warm or sunny so that idea was flagged. I'm now going back to work tomorrow and Miss 2 will be at daycare (Porse in home childcare).

Sometimes we sit her on the loo but she hasn't really done anything.

How did you go about toilet training, especially when they are at daycare? And encourage them to use the loo, etc.


have you spoken to daycare about toilet training her? I've met resistance from from Centres who are deadset against TT especially when the others in the room aren't TT either. from memory with my eldest, they wanted her to wait until she was closer to 3 and summer and her and her class mates would all go to the loo together, they said it encouraged more likeness of TT because everyone else in the room was using the loo.

as for TT at home in cooler months, crank up the heater for sure. you could buy some extra long socks and put them on her legs so there's quick and easy access to undies to use toilet then constantly washing clothes. you only need to wash the undies and socks. its gonna be messy, but if you track the timing of wee/poos, you'll find a pattern developing over the coming days.

mind you, if it doesn't seem to improve or getting your DD upset, stop, try again later. smile
In my case, nothing changes during the year. When my eldest son was 3 my husband installed one of these Japanese toilets in our bathroom. I don't remember the exact name, but it was similar to one of these and was labeled as universal height. And that's really helped when later my daughter was born. It also flushes very quietly, our previous tank scared my son.
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