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3yr old stays dry in jocks for hours Lock Rss

Im new to this topic, my 3yr old son will happily wear jocks throughout the day. Has had a couple of poo accidents no wee accidents but won't stuck in traffic on the potty during the day even if he has had lots to drink. What can I do as it worries me that he's not having his wees. I ask him every 15mins or so especially after he has had a drink, has anyone got any ideas on how I can get him to go potty with jocks on. I have noticed him sensing when he is/has had a wee and he tells us after he has done poos in his pull ups
I wouldn't ask regularly, it starts to annoy kids.

have you tried putting a ping pong ball into the toilet? boys are weird and love peeing on things.

other option is to say after an hour 'we're off to the loo' rather than ask.

are you using a potty or toilet? he might be a bit nervous about toilets, and the potty being lower and closer to floor, may make the anxiety of using the loo less so.
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