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3yr old boy won't toilet train Lock Rss

I have a 3 year old son who shows little interest in learning to use the potty or toilet. I can sometimes get him to have maybe 3 attempts at sitting on potty or toilet but he soon loses interest and co-operation - demanding he be put back in nappies or just refuses to try. On the rare occasion that he has co-operated & worn undies, he always has an accident. I ask him if he wants to go to the toilet on regular intervals & take him to the potty/toilet but with no success. I feel like a failure and that he is too old to still be at this stage of toilet training. I have thought about trying to use a doll that wets to teach him? Please can anyone give me some helpful advice?


Hi I have a son that is 3 in a few weeks and honestly i thought he would be well and truly toilet trained by now i had no idea how stressful it is! It probably sounds really bad but we actually bribed him to go to the potty and wee the first real time, we just bought some cheap little toys from the supermarket and he got one when ever he went. Brought a bigger one for if he did poo, that one took a little bit longer to earn tho. He got really good at it, then went backwards a bit, then came good again but is slowly getting the hang. Still doesn't really tell me if he needs to go i have to try and remind him otherwise he would have accidents to. Have you tried the pull ups? I put them on him when hes going to day care or shopping or anything and save nappies for night time. I don't know what else i can do, stickers didn't interest him so gave that idea away. Just crossing fingers! Good luck..
I have a success story, my DD took just under two weeks to get from nappy to nicki's except for bed times. I downloaded a reward chart from the interent, Google search reward or potty chart, every time she attempted to go i would give her a sticker to put on her chart, then only when she actually did something, to now an empty chart waiting for her to do number two's, she gets two stickers for them, but haven't quite got that far yet.
once the chart is full tell him that he will get a surprise for being such a big boy. Maddi thought it was great she got to go to the Fairy park, near Geelong in Melb.
all kids are different, my first daughter took for ever to toilet train, even booking her into pre-scholl I thought OMG she is not going to get this and we will have to send her in nappies. But our second he has been great, turning 3 next month, has toilet trained himself on poos 6 months ago(I didn'ty do anything but reward him with a lollypop for poos) and has been in undies home and out for 3 weeks now and reward him with jelly beans, don't stress it will happen, I think i stressed out too much with Maddison but having Lleyton and Ellie 917 months) I was put off training him as it was easier not to with Ellie following us everywhere, but then I bought him BuzzLightyear undies and he just loved them and I said calmly that if he weed it would go down his leg and that would be yukky and it worked, I make sure he goers after we wakes up-his night nappy is dry, before we go outside or out and before bathtime ect... and it has worked,

Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

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