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I have a 2 1/2yo girl and another on the way so have decided to start TT her. She has shown the signs for some time and for the past 4-6months does a wee on the toilet before a bath every night. I didn't start TT then as it was getting to cold and now that the warmer weather is on it's way have started. She is at childcare 3 days a week and the last time she was there she did 2 wee's on the toilet and only one accident. I had her in undies all day yesterday and we had more accidents then successes and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing in terms of having her in a nappy at rest/sleep times and when we go out or whether I should be putting her in pull ups at those times. I'm not sure if I should try a rewards system either so if anyone has any suggestions i'd be very grateful.
Hi There,

Similar to you we have a 2 yr 4mth old and another on the way so thought it was a perfect time to start this - the weather is getting warmer now and according to my mother this is the best time!! We seem to have great success on the 3 days that she is home but on the 4 days that she is at daycare, the accidents really seem to happen. When she is at home with us, we use pull ups to go to bed in the afternoon with and also to go out, but at daycare they use nappies at sleep time - not sure if this is giving her the wrong message or not?
I'm sure that it will become easier over time, however the one point that I will make is that we seem to have better success using "undies" than we do when we use pull ups - as the pull ups still seem to be absorbant enough for her not to feel really wet! We do use a reward system, lollies I'm afraid, but it does seem to be working for us!
We were very fortunate with our girl when she started toilet training, but we did find a few things helpful.

* Toilet training success went in phases. We would have a run of no accidents and then suddenly we'd have wet clothes several times a day.
* We never reprimanded her for an accident (still didn't when we suddenly reverted to accidents again when her twin brothes appeared ... and she'd been toilet trained for over two years), but always praised her when she did go to the toilet.
* Our daughter was toilet trained during the day (sleep time excluded) when she was 1.5yrs but didn't start sleep time toilet training until she was 2 and we didn't find that this compromised her toilet training during the day.
* Work with your child (always easy in hind sight) ... we had MASSIVE arguments about bed time nappies, (ie she didn't want them on, but would wake up with soaked nappies after the nap). In the end we made sure we made sure the bed was waterproofed, spare linen, blankets, clothes etc, spoke to her about it and then let her go to bed without the nappy if she went to the toilet first. This was remarkably successful with only a few accidents ... very scary from my point of view though!
* Never feel pressured into toilet training. Each child is different and will gain this skill at their own pace, irrespective of what we do. All we can do is encourage them.
* My sister used an incentive chart for her daughter with some success. Her daughter received a sticker for each time she successfully went to the toilet. After 10 stickers (I found we had to use a maximum of 5 stickers or the incentive was lost) her daughter was allowed to buy a present of her choice. I found that at this age the child can be easily persuaded into the cheaper items ... special glitter stickers etc.

Danni, VIC, 3mnth twins & 3yr old

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