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too young? Lock Rss

Hannah is only just about one and i have people telling me i should have her on a potty now, not neccisarily training her, just puting her on it when i go to the loo. But then im told by others its too young she will regress.. Is this too young ? What should I do?

Hannah 5/6/05 and Patrick 12/6/07

Personally, I think 1 is too young.

I read a book saying that if you start Toilet training at 1 your child will be fully toilet trained by about 4 years old. However, if you wait til 18 months, most will be fully toilet trained by 3. This was an American book, but I figure kids are kids.

In the end you have to do what feels right for you and you DD.

I saw a paed and told him how my DD pushes and grunts when she wees. He told me that this means she may now be conscious of having a heavy or full bladder and is pushing to empty it.

I was also told by my CHN that there are sensor type things that go to the brain, these sensors are not fully developed until 18 months of age. They tell your baby when they need to go to the toilet.
I've been doing potty familiarisation for a few months now. I've simply had the potty around so DD can get use to it, sits on it occasionally when we read a book. DD comes up and watches me go to the loo if she feels like it. She is quite interested and we wave goodbye to the wee wee together - lol.

My next stage is to try and get DD to identify when she is doing a poo. Some-times its obvious, other times its a 'stealth poo'. I want her to be able to tell me that she either wants to or is doing one. There is no hurry, we just take those opportunities when they present them self.

I'm hoping that we can start to catch DD doing a poo then sit her on the potty (clothes on). At some point when DD can tell me when she is doing one, I will start to take her nappy off - see how we go at catching a 'live poo' in the potty - lol.

I don't think there is any particular age to start. I think a lot depends on what approach you choose to take, your consistency with that approach and like any-thing with bubs - what they want to do.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi kristal Gaye I think your daughter is to young and only start her on the potty when you are ready and also when you think she is ready and not everyone knows what best for you and your child and only you can make that choice.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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