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Interest in toilet Lock Rss

My 20 mth old boy has developed an interest in the toilet. He wants his nappy off and then takes us to the toilet with him. We sit him there but he doesn't do anything. Have heard if you try too early they will lose interest by the time they should be toilet trained. Am i trying too hard?

Happy Mum, TAS, DS 14/10/2004, DD 25/5/07

I am having the exact same trouble!!!!! I dont want to train him now as i dontthink he is ready and Im happy to wait however at least 6 times a dy he takes his nappy off and says wee wee and either goes onto the big toilet or onto the potty.
never does he do anything. its absolutely driving us crazy. he is 26 mths

any tips??????


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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