I have a 2.5 year old , I have been trying to train,
he doest tell me when he needs a wee, I usually just take him, 20 mins or so after he's had a drink, but he still has accidents, poo's he is a little better with, he tells me most of the time.
I use pull-ups all the time day & night , he is petite so I cant find small enough undies, the one problem my little boy suffers from is consitpation, he was born with an inpurferated anus, which basicly means he had no opening , had surgery at 5 days old to have a bum hole created , all ok now but will have problems with constipation for rest of life, so I have to make sure his diet has pelnty of friuts and fibre , I am lucky if he does 2-3 poos a week is this normal? has anyone experienced this also, if so how is your child going?thankyou