I have been trianing, my 2.5 yr old for about 3 mths, we have the odd problems with poos, but wees are the issue he wont tell me when he needs to go , I just take him 20 mins or so after a drink.
he was aslo born with an inperferated anus so consitpation is an issue, inperferated anus mean he diddnt have an opening in his bottom, at 5 days old he had surgery to fix it , it was a big deal for me , I was devestated, but he is ok now , except for occasional constipation, I try to give him a diet, high in fibre and fruits etc.., but he doesnt eat alot, he weighs 13 kilos, is this below adverage for a 2 yr old? and is 2-3 poos a week normal ? or am I just worring to much. thanks