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Toilet training success stories Lock Rss

Hi all,
Now that my daughter has turned one, I guess the next big thing will be toilet training. I haven't done much research about it re: age or how to, but was wondering at what age your children have been successfully toilet trained (daytime)?
I guess I'd like an estimate of what to expect as far as when to start.

I first trained DS#1 at about 20 months (because everyone told me i should be starting). It worked ok, but he just wasnt ready. We regressed back to nappies and then in summer at age 2 1/2 i used to put little knickers on him, and he toilet trained himself really. He was ready, and went straight to the big toilet. I just asked him every hour or so if he needed to go and we would go to the toilet and sit there and see. We had a sticker chart, cause he loves stickers and he got a sticker everytime he went to the toilet, and heaps of praise. It was only about 3 weeks before he was out of nappies all together, even at night!
the right time to try, in my opinion, is when your child becomes aware of their bodily functions. Like when they know they need to wee or poo. I think 1 is a bit early, and i think its easier to do it in summer. Thats just my opinion though!
Good luck!

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

girls i believe are easier to start at an earlier age most of my friends with daughters strarted at 18-24 months but i found it better to wait til my boys were almost 3 my youngest actually started on his 3rd birthday on nov 15 last yr took 5 months to be totally nappy free about a month to 6 weeks to be day trained good luck with but better to wait til spring/summer

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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