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Should I wait?? Lock Rss

Hi, my son Jack is 20 months old, we have been potty familiarising for the past couple of months. Yesterday he was running around with no pants on for a while and I noticed that he had done wees in the potty!!! We had a big song & dance and he was very pleased with himself (I felt a bit bad I didn't even know when he did it!). Anyway, he refused to have a nappy on for the rest of the day, peed everywhere but did have 3 successful potty sittings (I asked if he had any wees in his diddle and he went and put them in the potty).

This morning we had no nappy time for a couple of hours and he went all over the floor a few times, I gave up and put a nappy on him. This afternoon he had a few more accidents but one was when he was trying to sit on the potty (without prompting) but was a bit late.

He sits himself on the potty if he has an accident and always tells me a minute or so before p00s, he knows where wees come from and where they should go. My question is do I keep encouraging him or try keeping him in nappies a bit longer? I was wanting to leave it til summer but is that a good idea if he is close to getting the idea??

DS #1 (now 12) was trained at 2.5 (with great difficulty) and DD at 19 months (don't know why so early, she just did it herself really). I feel like I should know all this tt stuff by now but I really dont....


Lisa, SAHM of 3

if he is trying id say go for it...
could you use pull ups and reward him everytime he wees on the potty, thats what we did and my daughter was fullt toilet trained both day and night at 2 and 2 months

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