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How do you start toilet training? Lock Rss

I am a young mum and i haven't started toilet training 2 year old my son. I am unsure how to start or what to do. Can someone please help me or give me some advise?
My boy was 2 and we decide to go cold turkey with nappies. Took them off during the day and never put them on again. To start with we took him to the toilet every half hour (hard work but worth it) and slowly increased to about 2 hours in between depending how much he had to drink. He then started to go by himself after a week and by 2 weeks he was going by himslef all the time for wee's, but poo's was still a major - he liked to go and hide to do this, so had a few messes to clean up - but not a biggie. We ended leaving the toilet door open and teaching him how to hop on and off by himself and privacy must have been his issue as he would go in and shut the door and do his poo's, so I would hear the door shut and then could go and clean him up. Within 3 months he was doing it all byhimself and no accidents. Night time however is a different story. He is 3 now and still his nappy at night is completely totally wet, have tried going cold turkey with the night nappies, but alll that happens is a wet bed!!! So we are leaving that for a few more months before we try again - no biggie. Good luck. Don't know if I have helped, as each child is different, but you can only try!!

Mum of 3 year old boy and 1 year old daughter

Hi again fonny
forgot to mention the praise!!
Each time he would sucessfully go we would give him a huge amount of praise - no treats, just hugs and kisses and if we wer both around we would yell out and say come and look etc etc - made him feel like a big boy!!

Mum of 3 year old boy and 1 year old daughter

Hi there im a young mum of 2 1 boy 2and a half and a girl 15 months i want to start training my son and i wouldnt have a clue can you please give me some tips on how thank you for your time.
Hi, how I started my daughter at 2 was to completely dedicate 1 day just to helping her "get it"... take the phone off the hook, turn the tv off and dont answer the door. The day before, she came with me to the shop to pick out her special undies and padded toilet seat. Then that day I stuck up a reward chart next to the toilet and explained whenever she did a wee on the toilet she gets to put a sticker on there which she seemed excited about. I put her on the toilet about every 20 minutes and was giving her allot to drink so there was plenty to work with ... after no time at all she was weeing on the toilet like a pro! The first time she did, we threw the huuugest party with balloons, and dancing around so its a fun experience. We still used pull-ups for bed times (bed time undies we call em). But all in all it took probably 3 days to where she started telling me she needed to do a wee (poos took a bit longer), and rarely has any accidents now.

Just stick with it, try not to get frustrated or they'll pick up on that .. even if they do an accident, dont make it negative just explain what he should've done and say maybe next time. But I think the rewards helps allot (I can email you the chart I made if u like ...)

Good luck & let us know how u go.

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

On watching Dr phil one day,he suggested having a toilet training party day. youll need
1.a doll that can drink and wee on a potty (baby born)
2.some party hats and whistles.
3.lots of spare undies.
His idea was to show the little ones the doll drinking and then sitting it on the potty and seeing how it comes out . When it does your supposed to make such a big deal about it that you put on the party hats,blow whistles and cheer!! It ends up being fun for the child and by day2 they can understand the concept of going to the toilet.
It is also a good idea to get them to drink heaps in the first few days and try to sit them on the potty every half hour. In my opinion the longer you wait to start the better off you are as they get easier to train as they understand more easily.
I am presently traing my 2yr9m old twin boys at the moment and I am going thru about 20 pairs of undies a day.
Just remember you have to try not to get to frustrated as I reckon they need to wet themselves quite a few times before they realize what theyre doing.The closer you wait till3yr old the easier I think.

Bel,WA,Girl :7,twin boys:5,girl:6 months

Just so you know my son didn't want to give up his nappy because his little sister was in nappy so when she was 18 mths I stayed home for a whole week and toilet train them together they encourage each other. My son doesn't wear nappy at night either. My daughter who just turn 2 is looking at getting rid of her night nappy because of her brother. As they say we learn of each other and that is what my children are doing.

I have just started toilet training my 12 mth old and we're doing really well at the moment. We had an ensuite in our bedroom where we use to live up until about 2 months ago, and each afternoon when Daddy would get home from work, Elly and I would go and talk to daddy through the door when he was on the toilet (sounds funny I know). When we moved there was no ensuite, however, Elly still loved to talk to Daddy when he's on the toilet in the afternoon. So for the last 3 weeks, when Daddy is on the toilet, Elly sits beside him on her potty and I usually start the shower running (the sound of the water makes her wee). If she doesn't need to wee, we find out within the first 20 sec, but if she does wee, she looks between her legs because she can feel it, we congratulate her, clap hands and tell her "YAY, good girl, you did a wee on the potty" and she thinks that's just wonderful.

All up, she has done approx 8 wee's on the potty in 3 weeks, we think she is so clever, lol. I don't push her at all, and if she doesn't want to get on it, she doesn't have to.

I'm going to try putting her on the potty when she does her "morning poo", just to see if she will do it in the potty, but like I said, if she doesn't want to, she doesn't have to.

I am expecting another baby in August and wanted to have Elly trained to the extent that she is aware of what she is doing and can let me know when she has or if she needs to.

That's how I've decided to deal with potty training to start off with, and it's working really well at the moment (I'll keep my fingers crossed that it keeps going this well). Hope someone finds this helpful.

Elly, 12mths & Expecting in August

hey there, im in the same boat, my little man is 16 months and im very eager to start him off. i've got the potty and thats about it, he uses it as a stool!!

joshua mum 28-8-03

mother of joshua born AUG 28 2003


We have just done day one of potty training. I put him in training pants and put him on the potty every hour and after food. We scored 2/6 for wees!!! I thought that was pretty good.

I had actually decided to put it off for a while because the Paediatrician told me he needed to be able to pull his pants down and needed to know when he was urinating. How is he supposed to know when he is urinating when the nappies make them feel dry?? Anyway, the other night while bathing, Lucas picked up the potty and pulled it into the bath and promptly sat on it and pooed.

My Mum says that when we were little (in the early 70s) toddlers were trained before 2 because they got so sick of washing nappies!!

Heraani, Mum to Lucas (27 mths)

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