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Looking for toilet seat ... Lock Rss

Dear all,
Does anyone know where I can buy a child toilet seat that one can fit into the adult toilet seat so that the child toilet seat need not be removed after every use? The one I am looking for is hinged so that it lies between the toilet seat cover and the adult toilet seat. We live in a double-storey and it has quite a hassle to move the removeable one upstairs and d/stairs.
If it helps to explain .....
Plastic ones will do just fine.

BB -- 3yo, 6mo

Hi Tia,
Sorry that I can't help out with a plastic one but I found information in my mother's local paper for one called the Rymax Family Seat. It's a wooden one where you can flip up the tot's seat into the lid when adults are using it. It's available at Babies Galore or through a company called Kidz Thingz Australia. You can purchase one online at
Hope this helps,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

I purchased a seat like this recently at Bunnings Warehouse in Tuggeranong ACT. I needed a new toilet seat and noticed this one. It came as a whole set (normal toilet seat & lid with the small toilet seat hinged in the middle and can be removed at a later date when no longer needed), and as my son is toilet training, it is ideal. I put a small step in front of the toilet and leave the little seat down, ready for his use. If an adult want to use the toilet, they just lift the small seat.

I can't remember the exact price, but think it was around $35. The brand on the seat is Spotless (made in Australia).

I hope this helps.
Deejay, That's it! Will check my local Bunnings tomorrow.
Thanks Deejay and Peta for your replies.
The wooden one is quite pricey, so not going down (he he) that path.

BB -- 3yo, 6mo

Hi Peta

I was wondering which paper this was in as it sounds familiar and I would like to have a look at the seat.
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