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Doing number 2's in the bath?? Lock Rss

Hi Mums, I once again need your valuable advice. My 14 month old son has taken to pooing in the bath!! It has happened 3 times now while I was bathing him. Does or did anyone else baby do this? Is he trying to tell me he is ready to use the toilet? A friend said to buy a potty and leave it in the bathroom. When it looks like he is going to do this again (he stands up to do it) get him out of the bath and put him on the potty to try to teach him. She said if he does use it make a big deal of it like you would with toilet training. My husband is worried this may lead him to think the bathroom is the place to go to the toilet and confuse him. I will take any advice as you can imagine this is not a nice stage at all. HELP...........
Hi my son did this a couple of times as well. Apparently the warm water relaxes them and it just happens. As he is pretty regular and does it at the same time each day I now bath after he's done it. Just my opinion that 14 months is a bit young for a boy to be ready to be toilet trained but there's no harm in trying!!

Janelle Vic

Hi Janelle. Thank you so very much for your advice. I tried your trick of waiting perhaps 10 - 20 mins later to bath him and you are right!! So far it is 3 nights and no poos in the bath only in the nappy!!. I too thought a 14 month old far to young for toilet training but I am winging it in general. I am learning as I go. Thanks again for your help. I really, really appreciate it.
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