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Hi there
My son is 22 months and he has been sitting on the potty every morning when he wakes up and at night before his bath, for about 2 months now. Most of the time he does not do wee's, but I have wanted to familize him with the potty. Sometimes when I am playing with him and I know that he is doing poo in his nappy, I ask him are you doing a poo, he says "No". The I ask do you want to sit on the potty, again he says "No". A couple of minutes late when I check his nappy, I see that he has done a poo. My question is, when I know he is doing a poo, do I pull his nappy off half way through the poo and make him sit on the potty, or do I leave him till he tells me "Yes I want to go potty". Aslo he seems to know when he has done a poo, after the event, as he tells me 5 minutes later that he has done a poo, then I change his nappy.

Also I try to take my son out most days, so I am finding it hard to be consistant, with letting him have nappy free time. One day we might have the afternoon free, so I let him be without a nappy for a little while, but the next day we go out, also we go out on the weekend quite often. Do I need to be home often to potty train? Is consistency important?

Thank you

hi there,
sounds like you and your boy are doing great with what you doing and keep going but dont push it on him otherwise it could go the opositte way you want, sounds like he is showing plenty of signs of readiness and just keep going the way you are and it will happen in his own time some only take a couple of days some take for ages, thats a great idea that you ask him if he wants to sit n potty when you know he is doing a poo and i would keep asking everytime but if he says no then i would leave it at that, consistency is important but if you have a routine than stick with it or just alter it a little to fit more nappy free time in. i havnt even started my dd on tt as yet and she isnt showing any signs at all but i have worked with children and done assignments on tt. best o luck with it all and hope i have helped a little.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

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