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[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Johanne

I only just put my daughter in her big bed about 2 months ago, even though she wasn't climbing out of the cot. She was very excited when her bed arrived (was on order) and has only fallen out once. I still pull the cot mattress out in case she falls out. A tip for you, if you don't want to buy a bed rail, I placed a folded throw rug under the mattress at the top so that she stayed toward the wall side of the bed.
I hope all goes well when you move your son. Taking him shoppinh when you pick out the bed it makes it much more exciting for them.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

i found that its best is they are able to climb in and we put the bed next to the cot and started with day sleeps in the bed we did about a week in bed day only then we went to bed night and day after 2 sleeps in the bed at night we got rid of the cot while she was out and put a little table and chairs with some toys on it in its place

gail SA 4 girls 17months apart 1 set twins

I put my oldest into a big boy bed when he was 20 months as i had another baby but we prepared him for it before hand we put the big boy bed up in his room for about 2 months before we wanted him to go into it for good. which he enjoyed because everynight we would give him tries to go to sleep in his big boy bed and if he got up then no more big boy bed and back into the cot and eventually he got it. Also dress the bed up with their favourite thing my boy loves and i mean loves thomas the tank engine so we got him thomas sheets and quilt cover and a thomas pillow case. i then made him a couple of small cushions with thomas on them for him. That way they will enjoy going to bed and i have found if they are naughty that if you take away those things they soon calm down when it is bed time because they want them back.
My eldest was around 19 months when we first put him in a bed. It took a wee while as he worked out he could get out of the bed whenever he felt like it, but had problems getting back in. He now has a stool so he can get back in, and we have a doorknob cover taped on the inside door handle so he can't get out of the room (otherwise he just keeps coming out to see Mum and Dad).
He also goes in there if he just wants a small rest. His brother is using the cot, but he didn't start using the cot until about a month after George had finished with it.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Mine were all in big beds at or around 12 months of age.

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

Hi all,

My daughter is 22 mths, and i am thinking about putting her in a "big bed". I am doing it the easy way though... we are converting her cot into a bed, by taking the front panel off, and putting up a small rail that she can climb over, but not fall out of bed. I am hoping that this will be okay for her, as we have to share a room at the moment as we are living with my parents. There is not enough room for another single bed in the room. And her cot is fairly large so she will still fit in it for awhile.

Allison, Mum to Jazmin 22mths
Hi Johanne, we bought our 2yr 3mth old son a bed on the w/end as we are having another baby in about 9 wks and wanted to get him used to being out of the cot b4 then. We bought him winnie the pooh bed linen (anything to make it exciting), bought a protection rail for the side (ikea sell these for $19) and put him in that night. We heard his little footsteps running up the hall that night and put him straight back in. He was a little unsettled and woke again at about 3am to come into our room. My husband went to lay in the new bed to pat my son back to sleep. It's now been 4 nights and getting out was not an issue after the first night - fingers crossed he keeps going this well because he seems to love this bed. A step for him to get into it also helps. I must admit, I did have pangs of sadness at the fact that he will never use the cot again and he's becoming a big boy now in this huge looking bed, but it's great to be able to lie next to him and read stories before bed. Good luck.
I also wondered when to put my 22 month old into a bed but I don't really know if there is an advantage to it as this age, he loves his cot, its big enough and he feels secure. There is a bed in his room with the cot, he climbs on it to look out the window and play on, but the impulse to lie down and have a nap is not there.....yet, I believe that a child knows when he is ready, I mean he knows what beds are for, he is not ready to be a big boy yet. I believe if you have another on the way perhaps buy another little second hand cot or bassinet if you think he may be ready soon. Good Luck. wink
i put my daughter into a bed when she was months because when she was ready for bed at night she would go straight to my sons bed and tuck herself in. my first son i put into a bed at month because he was climbing out of the cot i think when they show some interest in a normal bed try them with it, i also found that to get them used to sleeping in a bed without falling out for the first few weeks i just used the cot mattress on the floor so that if they did fall out they didn't get hurt and they got used to there not being anything to stop them from falling out of bed pretty quickly
i hope this is helpfull for you
Hi Johanne,
I don't where to get them from (ours was a hand me down) but we've just moved our 22mth old son to a bed but it's a cot size bed ie it uses a cot mattress. It's lower to the groud than a single bed and a cot for that matter. He loves it, however he sleeps with his door closed or otherwise his Dad and I wake early in the morning to the pitter patter of tiny feet heading toward the kitchen and all that is dangerous contain within. Don't you hate it when child safety items don't fit your appliances.
Hi all,
My little girl has been sleeping in a big bed since she was about 10 months old as she stays at three different houses and they don't all have cots. Mind you they have been Queen size beds & most times there is someone with her when she goes to sleep. Then she is on her own she has only fallen off the bed a couple of times, now she can climb on and off the bed.
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