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Refusing the toilet Lock Rss

Please help!!! I have a son who will be 4 in December and was going really well with his toilet training. Now, he is refusing to use the toilet to poo. He will start to do it in his undies and then wait till I realise what is happening and I have to take him to the toilet. Even then he wont 'push' so to speak! I have tried bribery, threats, rewards and nothing is working. Even now I sometimes have to remind him to do a wee. He still wears nappies at night time - he refuses to go to bed without. The nappy is full in the morning.
Please help - I feel like I'm slowly losing the plot. sad

Vanessa, NSW, 5yr & 2.5yr old

Hi. I have an idea that may help you. It will cost about $60 if you can get a hold of it. If you have a Target store in your area there may be something there to really help your son. It's a potty. When he will sit on it, it plays a little tune. If something gets left in it whether it be a 1 or 2 a tune plays again. The tray for getting the mess out just slides out of the bottom. So, you don't have to worry about them making a mess on the seat and having to touch it.

Tanya, nsw, almost 3 year old daughter

I bought one of those potties for my 3 yr old son and he just loves it, he can even empty it down the toilet himself and rinse it out afterwards which he is very proud of.

It also comes with a little story about using the potty for the kids to read while sitting there.

Definately worth the $60.

Kathy, Vic, 2 boys, 4.5 & 3 yrs

my son went through the not pooing in the potty thing. He gets constipated now and again and you could tell that it hurt him to poo. This really affects them. I got frustrated etc etc but I only got grumpy with him a couple of times. Your son will know that you are disappointed but don't get him upset about it or he will refuse to poo even more.
Today I went and bought a new potty, I let him choose it (he is 3yrs 3months) and he did three poos on it today. I guess he was saving it up. The less they poo, the more impacted it becomes resulting in a catch 22 situation.
With the wee thing, my son will hold on for about 6 hours. I just say stuff like, "we are not going shopping (or wherever) until you do a wee", or turn the tv off until he goes and does a wee ....anyway....maybe i just had a lucky

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