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is it time to start tt? Lock Rss

hi all , i'm just wondering if i should be trying a little harder to tt my almost 3 yr old girl?
she has never really shown much interest in going potty ( she'll sit on it but not interested in doing anything else on it ) . she has always like the look of pull ups because of the princess designs and i always told her that when she started going potty she could have the" pretty princess " my problem now is , she started daycare about a month ago and the have told me that she is in the kindy class and will need to wear pull ups not nappies to accomodate the carers so now she is confused and wants to wear "princess nappies" all the time but still doesnt want to go potty ( she is still using them like a nappy ). have tried to give her books to read in the loo , pretty pic's on the walls , even bribery , pretty knickers of her choice and now a sticker chart for encouragement nothing is helping.
anybody have any suggestions , would be very much appreciated
thanx Lisa
Hello Lisa

I had the same problem with my DD who turned 3 in May, with the pull ups! Now somehere down the line with me constantly calling the knickers it worked and she thinks they are knickers!

Try taking her off the potty and onto the toilet, this worked for my DD....I up to about 2mnths ago had to take DD to the toilet to say this is where we do wees or poos I done that every hr or so and sometimes we would catch a wee in the toilet we would jump up n down and say YAY! And then I would give her something to eat like a lolly, which she only got when she done something in the toilet...

Everyday after I take DD's nappy off from the night and I put pull ups or knickers on her I say to her where do you do poos? where do you do wee's? And she anwers everytime with "in the toilet" This also worked for her...Now DD takes herself to the toilet and only time I know shes been is when she asks me to dress her again or I hear the loo flush!

It wont be long and your DD wont like to be wet if she has an accident....It will click for her soon smile

I guess I havent been much help have I?

Good luck.....Just be strong I know how frustrating it all can be! Im still having troubles with DD and using the toilet for when she needs to go when she has to do poos....

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

how about trying the boys version of the pull ups so they arent the princesses or perhaps a brand without pictures


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Sorry but I think the only way is to put her in knickers and when she is wet/dirty she will not like it and learn to go to the toilet. You can also try toilet timing and put her on the toilet every so often and if she does a wee/poo give her a treat. I think she is just substituting the pullup for a nappy and all that's happening is its costing you more money! This will be hard for you, but the only thing you can do is not get frustrated (and have lots of spare knickers on standby).

This is how I did it. We went shopping together and I let her choose some big girl knickers and made a big fuss to everyone that we had bought knickers. She was very proud of her knickers. I then took a week off work and just stayed around the house or to the park and at the end of the week she was pretty well there. We had a big sticker chart on the toilet door and I made the first couple of treats achievable after only a few stickers. Then when we got to the end we went to the zoo (she knew that was the end prize). Then we just used pullups for going out for a couple of months as no-one likes those accidents at the shops! Good luck and don't worry you'll get there!

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

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