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How young is too Young?? Lock Rss

My little girl will be one on sunday and i was thinking of geting her a little potty to sit on before each bath time. She has been walking for about 2 months and when she is nude she will look to he rprivates and watch the wee come out on the floor and go oh oh. Then laugh. I am thinking she always wees at this time sould i start her on a potty once a day till summer then fully start she will be 15 months by summer??

I also have a DD who turned one last weekend and I couldn't imagine trying to toilet train her just yet. I personally don't see what the rush is. My little one hasn't even started walking yet which obviously doesn't help but I think I will be waiting a lot longer before starting. I personally don't know anyone who has started this early. The youngest that I know of is about 18 months but hey I am sure that there are plenty of kiddies out there who have been toilet trained heaps earlier than that. I guess if you think your little girl is ready then go for it. Maybe if her interest wavers put it aside for a little bit longer and see how she goes in another couple of months. I'm sorry if I sound a little shocked but I want to keep my baby as long as possible without jeopardising her development. They grow up so quickly already that it freaks me out to even think of toilet training her just yet.

All the best with whatever you decide to do.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

Hi there Monty's Mum,

My first child was toilet trained at age 2.5 years, but only with the help of a toilet chart I designed... prior to that she wouldn't even sit on the toilet.

I now have a 5 month old who is trained to go to the toilet on the potty. After researching potty training I discovered information that just made sense to me and decided to give it a go... and it worked!

As parents we are conditioned to start 18 months - 2 years... wait till your child is ready.... etc, etc.... or your child may have problems. Children thrive on routine, and it just makes sense that we can create problems when we teach them one habit for 2 years of their lives (go to the toilet in a nappy) and then say, Ok lets change the rules, you will now be doing it this way (at an age when they can now say "No" very effectively).

Why is it that we don't make sitting on the potty just as habitual as play time, bath time, feed time, etc? If we create the habit right from the start, your child doesn't know any different! They are brought up to believe that this is how it is meant to be done. They are then familiar with the potty / toilet - and you don't have to recreate a new habit for them... it is as natural as taking a bath.

When you think about it, why would we wish for our child to keep their waste in their pants for any longer than they have to? Would you or I enjoy it?

Just a thought that made sense to me anyway. Toilet training is more about educating ourselves moreso than our children, and the question needs to be when are we emotionally and physically ready because it can be hard dedicated work toilet training, with joys and setbacks all rolled into one.

To encourage you, my cousin successfully had her little girl toilet trained by age one and she is a very intelligent, well adjusted little girl.

Although my current journey is really just beginning with my bub, my two different experiences - starting early or starting late, leads me to believe that start as early as you are ready to start and pile on the love and encouragement to your child whatever the timing.

Hope it helps and best wishes!

Tracy, QLD, 5 month baby + 3 year old

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