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we decided to start toilet training 2 weeks ago and since we put on the toilet for the first time she has been taking her clothes off and nappy all the time and will sit on the toilet but wont do anything and so is doing it all over the house as she is spending most the day in the nude.

has anyone had the same problem or can anyone give me advice how to fix this.

sunshine, geraldton,serenity born 17/3/04

hi there, sorry i dont know if i can help. i think the taking the clothe soff is a sign of independence, but i am not sure how to fix this., my son runs round with no pants on at first now he is in undies. He chooses to put on anappy or undies at the moment and its almost always undies. he use to fight me and wana be naked but i just insist on putting at leats a tshirt on. i dont know. good luck though

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07


I started TT my 2yr old Girl 2 weeks ago I found at first she would take all of her clothes off BUt i now have put the potty in our toilet ( she usually follows me in there anyways LOL) and she sits on the potty while im doing my business sorrry for the TMI but i found that i could point out that " Look mummy still has her top on or pants on" seeing she likes to mimik mummy its working.
I managed to get her to leave her top on Now its the issue of the pants??
BUT i discorvered 2 days ago that if i put a short skirt on her (while she is at home) she can just lift it up as she goes.
She has undies but their a novelty at the momet But im not too fussed as of yet as long as she gets the idea and understands the potty side of things the rest will come over time.


Shannon WA, DD Tiana 2, No2 EDD 8th May

My daughter has been taking off her clothes as well its very frustrating. She likes to watch her self pee and doesnt mind to do any kind of business anywhere she can. I wish I knew how to solve the problem. She does actually go to the toilet sometimes when i am quick enough, however she is not impressed with the potty. I hope this is just another stage she is going through.

Can anyone else help????

shaz, qld 20mth old

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