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Toilet training twins Lock Rss

Has anyone any ideas how to toilet train twins at the same time. I am about to start and thought I'd take any advice I can. My girls are nearly 2 and always want to sit on the potty...Any advice or ideas would be great before I start.
Hi KJC. I started my twins together and found out I was getting more stressed out than they were. So I concentrated on my dd only and then soon after her brother tagged along. It was a constant vigil on both. Always asking them if they need to do a wee or just plonking them down on the potty. After a while they get the Idea but you still need to keep reminding them. My ds did really well but my dd kept having "little accidents" (10 months later and she still has the occasional "little accidents".) I took things really slowly and didn't pressure them.
I hope this little piece of advice helps. Best of luck.

Tracey,twins b&g 4yrs

Hello, this was me only a month ago

My girls had always watched me in the bathroom, so they had some idea, as soon as they were 2, they were telling me wee, poo, and stripping all the time, so they seemed very ready, i didnt buy a potty, as they were comfortable straight up on the toilet

when we first started I felt like I spent half my day in the toilet with them, as they both wanted to go at the same time, and they would have to take turns, i would sit them on the toilet and hold them, but soon after bought the step and seat combined, under $40 from Kmart, and it was the best thing, they loved using it, and could get up and down on their own

One of my girls was perfect from day 1, if she said wee, she would do a wee, and neither had problems with poo either, they were always quite proud of themselves, but copying each other has made it easier

for a few weeks, i kept them in nappies for their arvo sleep, but now its just undies all day and still nappies at night, although one of my girls has woken the last week dry first thing in the morning

goodluck, but i found being very casual about it, and getting excited when they go on the toilet worked for me

QLD, 2 Sets of Twins

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