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Will sit on potty Lock Rss

My little princess has this amazing concept that the potty is just somewhere to sit at any time of the day. She will sit on it with either her nappy on or off it doesn't bother her, until she has to do something, then I can not keep her on there no matter how I try. She will get up and run out of my reach and stand and let just enough wee out to relieve the pressure and then sit back down. When we first bought it she sat on there without her nappy on and, I think by accident, did a poo, followed by lots of praise and excitement. The next night just before bathtime she did the same thing. The following night she did a wee with the same enthusiasm from me. She hasn't done anything in it since. That was about 2 months ago. She watches both daddy and mummy on the toilet and wants to see inside the toilet as we're going (much to my discomfort, it would be easier with a clear, see-through bowl.) She hands us the toilet paper and tells us all gone and motions for us to wipe. She won't sit on the toilet at all. Without wanting to push and fight her to use the potty or petrify her by trying to get her to use the toilet. Is there anything that anyone can suggest????

Mummy of 2

Hi, my 19 month old is doing the same, except that sometimes when she poos her nappy she says "wee wee". She also says it when she hasn't and I always sit her on the potty next to her story books so that she sits there for a little while (although sometimes she'll stay there with her nappy on but once I take it off she gets off it). Perhaps you could amuse her by giving her a favourite activity (eg., books, favourite toy, etc). I've had some success stories and have praised her, but she's also had a couple of accidents on the floor on the way to the pot and has been very upset about it. She knows what the potty is for as I've sat her on there after brekky for a while now, but I'm also looking for suggestions as to how to help her brain connect to the sensation and going to the potty. Help, anyone????!!!

Angela, NSW

My daughter (now nearly three and toilet trained for over a year) did much the same thing. I think they feel the pressure from you to do something and back right off. I'd sugegst just leaving the potty somewhere visible during the day (near her toys), and try not to notice if she sits on it. At night before bed, tell her how proud you were to see her trying out the potty (if she has, otherwise don't mention it).

Also, this may sound silly, but if she comes to the toilet with you, then after you've done your thing (but before flushing), ask her if she wants to pretent to do wees on the toilet. If she says yes, then sit her on the toilet (with all clothes on), make a psssss sound, ask her if she has finished, then pop her on the floor and ask her to flush the toilet. Although it sounds silly, it makes her comfortable with the toilet without any expectation that you really want her to do anything IN it. My daughter loved the whole game of it. We still did this even once she was using th potty regularly, so making the transision to using the toilet was really easy.

Good luck!!
Hi all,

This all sounds too familiar, but my daughter is nearly 2 and a half! She has done several wees on the potty, but more by chance than effort!

I have been encouraging her to use the potty for 6 months now, but she is not interested! She only sees it as something stopping her playing! I have never been too pushy about it, just giving her the option to try!

I am going to try your idea Natsherl, i like the sound of it!

Goodluck everyone,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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