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Hi Guys,

I am seeking some tips on toilet training twins. I have just really started toilet training my 3 year old twins. They understand the concept of it, it is just the practical side now. My eldest twin did his first wee in the potty yesterday (How excited was I), but now I think it frightens him, and he is wetting himself and by the time I get him on the potty he has finished. Is this the hardest things mums have had to deal with - the walking, sleeping and eating seem to be a breeze in comparison to this. Any help, advice GREATLY appreciated.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I found that when I was toilet training my children (even though I didn't have twins) that the best thing to teach them to use the toilet was when they did accidently wet their pants they didn't like the feeling of having wet pants. It is one of those things that requires alot of patience and praise. I wouldn't use any pull ups as they don't learn from wetting themselves when it is just absorbed like a nappy.
Try not to force the boys and make them feel bad when they make a mistake and it should all start working for you.

Good Luck.

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

Hi iunderstand what your going through im tryining to train my 2 year old twin girls and it is going to be a long process where my eldest daughter was done before she was 2. they are happy to sit on the toilet but within 5 mins of getting off they wee i have them in training pants because little knickers size 2-3 are to big so i understand how yo are feeling . my nmae is donna.
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