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my 2.5yo girl was so easy to tt for about 4wks. She has now become lazy and just stands where she is and wees. No matter how much we try she will not go to the toilet/potty anymore. She does poos in potty. Any suggestions on how to get back on track....desperate...

Julie, QLD, 3 Girls - 8,2&6mths ** 1 Boy - 6

a similar thing happened with our son. We were vigilant at taking him to the loo for about 4 weeks then we started to back off to let him tell us when he needed to go and he did for a week or so then stopped.
so just keep asking her or insisting she sit down on the loo every 30mins. We call our son the 'tap' - every time you put him on the loo he jsut goes like a tap but if you wait for him to tell you he needs to go you will either have to clean up the whole wee or at least 3/4 of it!
Some kids just take longer to get into the habit of going-i know our son takes a while for new routiens to become part of normal life-he hates change so it might take him longer

Good luck

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

My 2.5 yr old is doing exactly the same thing! She was fully tt up until about 2wks ago, when she decided she isn't doing it anymore.

The only thing that was different, was the night before she decided she wasn't going to the toilet anymore, was she wore knickers to bed, as she had been dry at night for about 2 weeks.

I'm guessing most kids must take a step backwards, as my son did the same sort of thing when he was tt.

Only thing I can suggest is that if she is willing to sit on the toilet/potty, is to encourage her to sit every 30mins to 1hr. Give heaps of praise when she does go and ignore any accidents!

Good luck....hope things change for you again soon.

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