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I have a 3 1/2 year old boy who has been toilet trained for a little under a year. But still has a very wet nappy of a night. We have limited his fluids after 6pm and he goes to the toilet bewfore he goes to bed, but this has not help.

jack3y1/2 jade1

Do not stress, many children, especially boys, can still be in night nappies until after the age of 4. They say not to worry until the age of 6 and then seek help if they are still wetting the bed. I also wouldn't be too worried about limiting fluids, both my boys have large water bottles next to the bed, I only moniter what fluids they have as I have heard that sugary drinks are the worst. Things like 'diet coke' can act as a diuretic so I avoid these. Like most things with kids, they won't do anything until THEY are ready.

Leanne, WA, 2 Boys 5 & 2

My nearly 3 1/2 yr old did really well going to bed with no nappy on for the first 3 months without wetting the bed once. Now I have put him into nappies again because he started wetting the bed- 3 nights in a row, that was when I decided he was going into nappies at night again. Every now and then we will try a night without one and often he does real good, but other times he slips back again. He also has a drink and toilet b4 bed but still eventually slips back again.
He knows he won't get into trouble if he does it I reassure him I'd rather him go to bed without a nappy, it's just in the morning when he won't take the nappy off and go to the toilet, he keeps it on and still wets the nappy.

Susan, QLD, mo2 = B3y4m & G18m

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