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pull ups or jocks???? Rss

I have two year old son who is just learning to do wee's on the toilet.He likes to wear jocks during the day though i didnt know if i should offer him pull ups.
He gets so excited now when he does wee's because the first time he did wee's on the toilet we chucked a party lol.
Should i just leave him in jocks or should i introduce pull ups????

Jodster,NT,5yr old Boy,3yr old Girl,1yr old Boy

I tried pull ups briefly but my daughter just thought they were nappies. It only took her a couple of times having wet undies to start going to the toilet/potty sooner.
Yeah thats what i thought of about the pull ups(that they are alot like nappies)I dont think i will try the pull ups then..ill just leave him in jocks..thanks for your response!!!!

Jodster,NT,5yr old Boy,3yr old Girl,1yr old Boy

the down side of pull ups are once they have an accident thats it you throw the pull up out! you wash jocks, MUCH cheaper!!!if you hadn't noticed pull ups are a bit pricey but they are good if u just use them on outings and shopping trips etc saves embarrasment of a mess on the shop floor! so if you do buy them you could keep them for "special going out undies" hope this helps!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

thanks everyone for their posts...
yes pull ups are very pricey.My son has been doin real well he hasnt had any 'accidents' in the last two days.I am very proud of him,though i dont want him to go backwards if we go shopping and he wears a nappy.Do u think i should buy pull ups for then and take him to the toilet at the shops every so many minutes.Im not sure.
How old is ur child?
If ud like to chat more my email is

Hope to hear from you soon

Jodster,NT,5yr old Boy,3yr old Girl,1yr old Boy

I think You sound like you're already having success with TT.

have fun.


my daughter is nearly 3 and i use pull ups to go out shopping or to somewhere if i'm not sure where the loo's are i take her to the public toilets before we go in the shops and she loves to use the hand driers! which is a bit of a novelty for her at the shop toilets! we have not had an accident in the shops yet but i feel alot better knowing it will be ok if we dont make it in time! she has been trained for 2 months now so i think soon i will take the pull ups away. good luck and happy training!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

Thanks for your replies.My son is doing great weve had two full days with no accidents and im happy and so is he.
If anyone wants to chat my email is

Jodster,NT,5yr old Boy,3yr old Girl,1yr old Boy

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