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Toilet training & ditching dummy Lock Rss

Hi there i have a 2yr old son & i have 2 ambitions for him between now & September as he is page boy in his uncle wedding in september i would like to have him toilet trained as well as getting rid of his dummy by then so he looks great in photos etc.

But the problem i have is where to start with everything & being parents yourselves i knew that i could turn to you all for help.

I have tried to toilet train him before but i gave up for awhile, i'm thinkin of trying again but want to start of the right way so any help would be a great help to me.


2 gorgeous boys Tylar & Jailon

the dummy dont you love it i was going to take my sons dummy away at christmas i told him that santa wants it but he didnt give it up so i will try and get him to give it to the birthday angels you could try this if he has a birthday coming toilet traning would have to be the worest of them all they will either do it or they wont but being summer now i would give it ago i am witth my 2 year old he is doing ok

i hope this helps you
My DD is 2 next week and we have just taken the dummy away, all i did was take it off her in the morning like usual and then when she asked for it later i told her it was all gone, your a big girl now. The last 2 days she has taken about 10mins to get to sleep but does.

I didnt make a big fuss about it i just did it and made sure everyone knew so they would get rid of them too. I also made sure to hide all the dummies so she wouldnt see a dummy.

Good luck

As for TT i just wrote everything i know in a big post called toilet traing 17month old where do i start? (something like that)

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

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