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Third time lucky?!?! Lock Rss

Well were hoping its third time lucky with TTing my 2 1/2 year old son. He is extremely stubbourn and unless its his idea its a bad idea. So we are having to take it slowly and very relaxed. If we ask him every 10mins or so we have very few accidents with the wee wees but for some reason despite having rewards he is desperate to get he just does not do the poop in the toilet.
He loves the success of doing wee and the ONE time he did do a poop on the toilet we chucked a party! He was so pleased with himself.....only to finish the poo 5mins later in his pants!

Any advice on getting that gross poo in the toilet where i can avoid it for good!!!!

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

HI Kath

I think it took 3 attempts to tt our son he was one month off turning three when we had success. We are now trying to conquer night times, a few nights dry then a few nights wet. LAst night was the first night dry in over a week. But I know we will get there, as you said in there own time. As for the poos in the toilet and not the pants, that can sometimes be a battle on its own if you read other posts about it. Jack took a while to convince to poo in the toilet always waiting for the nappy of a night or saying he needed a nappy, but I wouldn't give him one and would just sit him on the toilet and keep doing this until he did it. We used a reward system to get him pooing on the loo. It helps if you know when they need to do one(DS dances around like he's on a hot tin roof). The next challenge was then getting him to poo for someone else-even dad, which again we used a reward system. And it took doing this to get him to poo at MIL house ( they have him 1 day a week). He still won't poo anywhere else other than home or MIL unless I am there. But I know he can hang on now.

Hang in there it just takes a lot of patience and perserverence and sometimes a different approach but eventually you will make it.

Good luck.


4 and grown up now

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