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Hi, my son (No. 4) is 2yrs 10mths and has toilet trained brilliantly with wees and has been dry at night ever since he started being dry during the day. I have never had the following problem with any of my boys before and don't know what to do: he doesn't like doing poos, we have caught the odd one in the toilet and potty and have given lots of praise and rewards but the problem seems to be getting worse as he holds off more and more. It is starting to distrubt his day as it becomes such a big deal. He will tell me he has a sore bottom so I know then he wants to do poos, but no matter what I offer him he just won't go on the toilet or potty. He is starting to get constipated now because he is holding off and of course this is making matters worse. We have tried getting him to relax on the toilet and offered to read to him etc but no luck. Please someone give us a miracle answer we feel we have tried everything.

vanessa nz 4th boy

we have a similar problem with our son who is 2 1/2 he is doing great with the wee wees but has been doing poos in his pants up till the last 2 days where i think he has started holding on. We have rewards we know he wants and he even told us a few times over the last 2 days he needs to do a poop but when we sit him on the toilet he gets upset and doesnt do anything.

bring on that miricle answer!!!

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

Hey Guess what we are in the same possition too.

But I have a Suggesstion

I've herd that by placing a nappy as a liner in the potty may help. As they get use to doing poos on the potty you slowly put the nappy less and less in the potty and evntually they will be just sitting on the potty.
I thought it was wearth giving it a shot.

mum of two

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