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6 year old bed wetting Lock Rss

My Niece who will be 7 in November still wets the bed. We have tried all the tricks but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestions to help?
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Hi All,

I know of mums that have taken their kids to paediatirc chiropractors and have had a pelvic adjustment and have never wet the bed since. My friend that have done it with older kids, swear by it.
Worth a go!


Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

Hi, I stopped wetting the bed at 7, and my mother has never let me live it down. Part of my problem was the trauma of my parents breaking up, coupled with my mothers (unacceptable) method of trying to "shame" me out of it (telling everyone and making me wear nappies). Another factor was that I had a small bladder, which didn't help matters.
Has your neice experienced a stressful event? If it's not a psycological thing it could be medical, as one of the other mums said, an infection. If it's none of the above then it could just be that she's not ready yet... I understand it's a tricky situation but hang in there, she'll get there soon.
Best of luck smile

Sebastian's mum, WA

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