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cant toilet train my 3yr old Lock Rss

i have three boys and my youngest is only 2 mths but i have a boy and he has just turned 3 i can get him to go to the toilet when we are at home but if we go out he just wets his pant
i also cant get him to wear jocks he would rather be free

i wont send him anywhere because he has to wear nappies and it makes it so hard because he is very big for his age and nappies dont fit and i also cant get him to wear pull ups

i would like any ideas about what i can do

stressed out
not sure if i can help, my son will be 3 in may but he will not poo in the toilet. initially he didn't want to wee either. We started him with a sticker chart every time he did a wee on the toilet he got a sticker & a fruit tingle. He knows that when he starts pooing on there he will get trains from the thomas set + also offered 2 fruit tingles when he goes but he wont! To the business of going out, maybe you can reward (bribe) him with something small if he will wear his pullups, that would be a start. Does he wet himself because you dont get him to the toilets in time or because he just cant be bothered letting you know? I used to put the timer on the oven for 3o minutes to remind me to ask him to go, when we went out i put the pullups on but would take him to the toilet as soon as we get to the shops or wherever. he kept weeing in the pullups at home so i just "bit the bullet" and put the undies on & have only had about 5 accidents! good luck!!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My 3 year old Daughter was a bit like that at first until I introduced the special Barbie pants and Hi- 5 pants and I think she thought if she didn't wee in the toilet she would wet her beautiful Barbie or Hi -5 pants so that solved that side of things but for me on the other hand she still refuses to Poo in the toilet.

Kelly, WA, Girl 4, 2 boys 3, 16 mth

I had the same problem with my eldest boy. When I visited my clinic nurse she suggested that I refuse to put nappies or pull-ups on him and tell him if he didn't want to be wet and dirty then he would have to use the potty or toilet. She also suggested that when he did have an accident he had to be responsible for it ie; Take the wet clothes off, put them in the laundry, clean himself up and put his new clothes on. Being a lazy little thing he really didn't like that and soon realised I wasn't going to give in and put nappies back on and soon started going to the loo. Pooing was harder because he would wait for his night nappy then poo so I had to offer incentives. I had to be very strict and consistent but it did work after 12 months of total nightmare.

Leanne, WA, 2 Boys 5 & 2

I wonder if he would respond to the big boy strategy. Basically, you don't baby him about the whole thing, but just let him take a bit of responsibility for himself. A child this age can realise that they control their own bodily functions. When he does go to the toilet, praise him like he's the most important young man on the entire earth! My 3 year old has just started taking himself to the toilet (hooray!) but I think the key word is really persistance. Try not to show your frustration too much, it just puts the pressure on and doesn't help in the long run.
Good luck!


Hi, I have a 3 years and 5 month old boy who was very hard to toilet train. I ended up letting him run around bare bottom 3 months ago and offered him lollies and a sticker chart when he went on the potty. Then last month I introduced undies. If he wet through them into the potty he didn't get a lolly and had to remove the undies himself. Now he is up to taking off undies and shorts and makes it most of the time. He is still not toilet trained when we go out or even if we go into the backyard. It's a slow process and very frustrating, but I have realised that it's the only way he will learn. Hope this helps.
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