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6 year old not dry at ! Lock Rss

Hi Heidi. I have not had this problem thankfully as my son was dry through the night by 12 months. I am just hoping my 3month daughter will be the same! Maybe it might pay to see a doctor just to make sure everything is working right! Does he have anything to drink before bed? If so maybe cut it back. Does he go to the toilet before bed? I am sorry I am not much help. I hope something works for you soon!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi Heidi,
I can sympathize with you. My 8 year old daughter still wets the bed to. Not as much as she use to though. We went from wet everynight up until she was about 6 years old, to wet about once a week. This is a great improvement for her. This is what we do to help her.
Her last drink is 2 hours before before bedtime, except for a mouthful of water when she does her teeth.
She goes to the toiled BEFORE every drink she has during the day (where possible),
And she has a chart, where she gets a tick for every dry day. When she gets 7 ticks in row, she gets a small surprise. 14 in a row, gets a bigger surprise, and 30 in a row gets a huge surprise. She is trying her best to get to that huge surprise, and we figure, if she can go a whole month dry, she may have conquered her bed wetting.
Have you looked into family history? I or my sisters and brother were never bed wetters, but 6 out the 8 kids in my husbands family were bed wetters up until they were about 13-14 years old. Boys and girls. I look at each dry day as an acheivement, and know that one day she will stop alltogether. My only hope is that it is sooner rather then later. Good luck. Let me know how your son goes.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Heidi, I dont have the problem but my girlfriends children all do. What she did was go to the doctors and spoke to them about what help is there. Most children grow out of it around the time they start school and some a little longer I know by what she has told me there are several things that are avaliable like tablets to a bed mat alarm. The best way to find out is go see your doctor to find out more and I have heard it runs in family's. So good luck.

I completely understand your situation.

I wouldn't worry to much yet he still is only very young and extremely common for a 6 year old boy to still be wetting his bed.

Perhaps you could get him to draw pictures on his dry nite pants, that worked with my daughter.

I think that if you visit this site will give you lots of information and a section for you little boy, so you can help him to understand whats happening.

Remember talk to him about it and what his feelings are about the situation, maybe while he is still young you can explain it, children at this age are as likely to become embarassed but more interested in how their bodies work.

I was told by a few doctors with my daughter that we can try bladder conditioning, bed alarms, medications if I was really concerned, but all suggest that I should wait as most of them are not 100% and thought it would make her more anxious and conscious of the situation, coming from a doctor telling me to wait can't be bad and chose to wait for her to grow out of it and she did.

Seriously check the web site out it helped me alot, hopefully I have helped

good luck

Juanita, SA, 2yr and 5 yr old daughters

please do not feel bad. this is such a common problem. Both my 8 and 4 year old daughters are bed wetters (5 out of 7 nights). It is driving me INSANE!!!!! I have just recently visited my GP regarding hiring a bet wetting mat for my 8 year old (they will only see one child at a time as there is a short waiting list). Drinking before going to bed etc will apparantly not make any differnce so i have been told. One of the most important things you can do is to not get mad with your child - it is not their fault.
I suggest that you do what I did and ask your GP or call your local childrens hospital and ask to be transferred to the enuresis (en-you-re-sis) department and speak to them about hiring the mats. I called the clinic near me and she said there is an 80% success rate from first use and 100% success from the very few people who have had to re-hire the mat.
It costs about $10 to hire.
It is placed under the childs bottom sheet and senses even the slightest bit of moisture so at trhe very first sign of a wee a very loud bell or buzzer goes off and wakes the child.
This actually triggers something in the brain or something that tells the brain that "when the bladder starts to empty you have to wake up".
I hope you have success and give it a go.
Hi there
I hear what you are saying. Although I have not been through this with my kids yet, I have lived through it with my sister’s child. A very distressing time for every body.
I agree with Juanita, go to my sister swears by the site. My sisters child found it really helpful to hop onto the computer and check it out for himself (in the kids section), there’s also heaps of info on there for mums and dads.
There is another topic on this forum that talks about using a chiropractor. Who knows if this really works. But my sister is willing to investigate anything.
Good wishes and stay cool to all of you.

tired and feeling old


did you find out why he was doing it deliberately????

For anyone else who has this problem with their kids I've heard chiropractic care can be really helpful.

Love steph

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Heidi,

This sounds a bit like you are talking about me. When I was a child I wet the bed until I was 7 years old!! Now that I am a mother, I can sure understand her frustrations...

Well it is often said that some children are lazy and that they just simply don't wanto to get out of bed...

With me my mum took me to the doctor and found out that I had a irritated bladder from an infection and it meant as soon as there was urine in there it would have to come out... awake or asleep.

My mum tried cutting back liquid in take... no drinks after dinner sort of thing, but I still wet the bed. After a course or 2 of antibiotics and a lot of talks to me by my mum it just stopped suddenly.

There are lots of reasons why children wet the bed... It is easy to judge a child as lazy, but it could be happening for a medical reason or for many other reasons... does your son fully understand the concept of going to the toilet?

I wish you much luck and hope things resolve themselves soon.
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