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Won't wear underpants Lock Rss

My now 2 year old identical twin girls started ripping off their nappies and began toilet training at 18 months. They are wee/poo trained on the potty so long as they are not wearing anything on their bottoms at all. As soon as I put a pair of underpants, training pants, pull ups or anything for that matter on their bottoms, they think it is a nappy and wee/poo in it. I've tried pretty little undies but they aren't really interested. I've tried just wearing shorts with no undies and I have also tried leaving the wet undies on so they are uncomfortable but this doesn't seen to bother them either. I know they are still young but it is them telling me they want to be toilet trained but I can't take them out not wearing any undies etc.. Any suggestions?
Hi Karen,

Just a suggestion....have you tried letting them pick out some new undies! There are a stack of options around including hi5, barbie etc. They just might interest the girls enough to know they arn't nappies!

Tepe wink

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Nikki

I was thinking along the same lines as Tepe. I'm also having trouble trying to persaude my 2 & 1/2 year old into toilet training trying the same "bribery" of choosing her own undies. Still no luck. Have you tried using a star chart or maybe creating a little competition between the girls as to who cannot wee/poo in their undies?
I hope this has been of some help. smile

Trish, NZ, Mum of 2

I am having the same trouble with my 2 1/2yr old son at the moment. He was having lots of success on the toilet so I put him in his special Bob the Builder pants but he wet 7 pairs of pants that day. If i leave him with no pants on he will go to the toilet if i remind him. I have decided to leave him in nappies because he will do a wee on the toilet between nappy changes. I guess he's not quite ready yet, so why force the issue, he'll let me know when he's ready.

sharon, qld, 2 1/2 & 8mth old

Thanks for your email however I have now solved the problem since I posted the question.

The answer:

I put knickers on the girls as soon as they woke up. I then set the oven timer to go off every 1 hour. When the buzzer went off, I took the girls' knickers off. I then let them walk around with no nickers on until they used the potty (they usually
went straight away or very soon after). As soon as they used the potty I put their knickers back on straight away. I did this every hour for two
days (with twins it was completely exhausting let me tell you). By the third day they were coming up to me asking for their knickers off so they
could do a wee. YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I'm very proud of myself. No more nappies ever!.
I'm saving a fortune between the cost of nappies, wipes and creams. It's a whole new world out there!

Hope this helps!

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